Monday, March 9, 2009

one long week, one short post...

Well that was one looooooong week of traveling. I started out by leaving snowy Georgia behind for sunny California.

Note the distinct lack of snow on the streets. This was enough to close schools in the entire metro area for the day. I know, make fun of us but maybe we are on to something... well, if you are a kid, it is great! It was a bit slushy on the neighborhood roads when I left the house at 5:30 am but once on the roads, ice was not an issue. Since I was going to be gone for the week and didn't want to hassle with picking up my car at the airport late last night, I called a shuttle to pick me up. TJ, my driver, was in my driveway ready to go at 5:30 straight up. He told me not to worry about the ice as he was from New York and "we got nothing on him". He was a little upset about the lack of Quik Trips in my immediate vicinity but soon got over it. So off we go, TJ chatted up a storm and dropped me off at the airport about 45 minutes later. I highly recommend the car service...

Loads of flights were canceled that Monday, mostly to the northeast. Mine was on time and really had no issues at all. I arrived in Fairfield to a rainy day and it remained that way until Wednesday. I won't bore you with work but I had a great visit and had some amount of fun while I was there. I got to eat dinner in Napa Valley one night, had a great steak another night in a local small town (can't remember the name...), ate a famous "in and out burger" (don't tell my FIT clubbers) and got to see the Jelly Belly factory.

Thursday morning, I began the longest traveling day of my life as I left Fairfield for the short drive to the Sacramento airport at 7am pacific. I caught a plane to Salt Lake City, another plane to Atlanta and finally a plane to Daytona Beach. Two amazing things happened: 1. my luggage made it to Daytona Beach and 2. none of the flights were delayed! Hallelujuah!

Rick picked me up at the airport in Daytona and I stayed Thursday and Friday night. We had a great time at Bike Week, ate some seafood, saw old friends and just had a good time riding around in the sunshine.

My view from the back of the bike :)

I left Saturday AM on my way to the princess half-marathon at Disney. (I will post all of those pics later this week...)

My FIT club plan. How did that go while on the road? well, there were certainly good intentions... It is extremely difficult for me to stick to the meal plan on the road. I tried to make healthy choices when eating out, the issue was more trying to eat every few hours and working in those meals while in meetings in a satellite office. Overall I think I get a C for food during the week. I am certain I missed out on dairy and fruit servings that I normally can work in during the mornings and afternoons at home.

Exercise... well, another good intention. For whatever reason, I was just tired the whole time I was away from home. I don't know if it was the events of the previous week or staying out lateish for work related dinners or jet lag or me being lazy, or, or, or... Either way, I worked in one strength session and one running session outside of the half marathon yesterday. Another C.

Did I say a short post? sorry... Once I get to writing, I realize I have so much to blab about. I will leave it at that for now. The princess marathon was a load of fun, I will give the details on that later. Must run - I am either going to bed or going to attack a pile of laundry. I am pretty sure I am going to bed...


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Great pics - you look like your having a blast on your visit here. And I think grade C for the eating and exercise is a bit hard on yourself. You were surely very active while here and in a completely different place! You'll be back to routine in no time (if you aren't already).

L.B. said...

Impressive race history! I'm training for my first half-marathon myself and stumbled across your blog while looking for fellow half-marathoners. Inspiring to see someone run in as many races as you!

lindsay said...

love all the pics! that's a crazy amount of traveling, especially from cal to fl. i, too, am quite shocked you and your luggage made all the layovers. i always assume my bag won't make it if i have a connection, lol.

i definitely never complained when school was closed for "snow". not sure why those northerners make fun of us, they must be jealous.

speaking of jealous, i am jealous of your in-and-out dining! i have been craving a burger for like a year. one day i'm just gonna hop on a plane and go get one.

it's hard to eat and exercise while traveling/on vacation even with the best intentions. maybe all the flying and driving made you tired too?

glad you had safe travels and a good time! hope it's been an easy few days getting (fully) back on track.

Marcy said...

OOooooo man! The Jell Belly factory? Heaven!

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