Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nothing but blue skies...

Today was the perfect ending to a nice long weekend. We don't have big family gatherings for Christmas. Our Christmas Eve is usually our family get together and then Christmas Day is mostly lounging around the house watching TV and eating a variety of leftovers. While working for a bank can have its advantages throughout the year in terms of every banking holiday off, at Christmas, I am always jealous of those who work for businesses who take the last two weeks of the year or even just Christmas Eve off. Either way, I made the most of my three day weekend and enjoyed the perfect mix of family, lounging and getting things done around the house.

Over the past week or so, I have started to get back into the momentum of a regular workout. My schedule at the tennis club is Monday and Friday nights and then all day Saturday. For the first couple of weeks after taking on this second job I was struggling trying to figure out how to fit a workout into my day. I call it "struggling" others may call it "sleeping in instead of working out". Tomato, tomahto.

What I have learned is that this schedule will require much more determination than before. In the past, I would get up early knowing I could go to bed early to make up for it most nights. Now, I can't always go to bed early if I am tired but still need to get up and get a workout in so bribing myself with extra sleep is gone. (Yes, I have to bribe myself. Sometimes I fall for it, sometimes I don't.) I considered maybe working out after work but at that point I am mostly just interested in going home. For now, I think I am just going to tough it out and try to stick to the same schedule I was on before job number two. I haven't been 100% successful at getting up at the exact time I wanted each day but HAVE been successful in making it to the gym which is half the battle for now. I have gotten in several short runs this week topped off by two runs at Stone Mountain yesterday and today so am feeling very much back on track which is a good feeling. Tomorrow the plan is to do a short run followed by a swim workout.

I am still a little sad to miss the Disney Marathon this year but am excited about doing the Goofy Challenge in 2011. I also am thinking of working in the Iron Girl this summer along with a few other local races. I am feeling good about 2010. I think going into the New Year, my goal will be to incorporate swimming back into my workouts at least once a week as well as strength training. Swimming will be a piece of cake since I love it so much but the strength training will require me to get over myself and go use the machines or weights at the gym. I still have that weird high school feeling at the gym that I am out of place in the weight area. I know... stupid. I have tried the P90X and know people who LOVE it beyond belief but I am on the fence about it. I think I need something that involves leaving the house as opposed to taped instruction. I haven't given up on the concept but am not sure it is my thing. For now, I will give the machines at the gym another try.

I also am going to try for more of this in 2010

Clementines. Seriously, as much as I love tangerines and navel oranges, how did I go 40 years without trying one of these? All I can say, is thank you Spain for sending us these little jewels in the cute wooden box!

and less of this...

I believe I have eaten my weight in peppermint ice cream since I discovered it a few weeks ago. (OK, maybe not that much but we have had more than a carton or two...) Add that to the red velvet cupcakes and 8 million varieties of Christmas cookies. Just so we are clear, I am not giving up these delicious treats just consuming them with a little more moderation. Let's not get crazy. :)

Side note, I may be a little too good at hiding the sweets in my house from Rick. In my cleaning on Saturday, I came across a box of cookies I had stashed on top of the refigerator in October. Amazingly enough, they still looked quite fresh although I had no interest in trying them. At what age does senility start setting in? I am pretty sure it might be 40!

Have a good week!


RunToTheFinish said...

Hey you're back! It's been awhile since you've posted! Now I see it's because you are soooo busy and yes your workout is more important than blogging to use :) So I would love to do Goofy in 2011...maybe i'll put that on my list!!

Meg Runs said...

Ha, ha! I used to hide candy and treats around the kitchen but my kids caught on! When I was cleaning my cupboards last month, I found a half-eaten bag of candy corns from...2004? Yech! Best of luck balancing your family, work and running/swimming in the new year, it's so tricky but you sound determined. P.S. I love Clementines too!

That Pink Girl said...

Clementines are the BEST! I wondered why Id never had them growing up then I learned they are relatively new to N America! So tasty and just the right size!

lindsay said...

i have been struggling with squeezing in my runs while on "christmas vacation". i don't normally get these 2 weeks off but oh what a blessing it has been this year. one of the handful of "plusses" of working in kentucky i guess?

working out after work is tough - you usually just want to go home and relax/wind down. plus sometimes it wakes you up and then you can't go to bed until later than usual. hopefully you'll be able to stick to am workouts, even if they are shorter/less intense than you usually are!

hope you had a merry christmas!

Jennifer said...

Lord that cupcake looks soooo good! Happy New Year! Here's hoping your training and races for 2010 are safe, fast and rewarding!

Tina said...

My first visit to your blog - it's a nice one! Hope you can get those workouts in like you want.

Today I walked passed the ice cream at the store - they were out of peppermint! A good thing, I suppose, because I'm the only one who likes it and I'd have to eat the whole carton myself!

AZ said...

Yes tough to do but I really think weightlifting is beneficial. I've gotten into it the last couple months and can already see some improvements. This week though, not so good.