Friday, June 4, 2010

I have crammed for the Tri test, final exam on Sunday...

My super-short two week triathlon training plan is going swimmingly (so to speak). If I had to jump into a triathlon at the last minute, the sprint is the way to go. I would not recommend a 2 week plan for a 70.3 let’s just say…

I have really ramped up the swimming in the past week. I am not swimming miles and miles, as a matter of fact, I have probably swam 3000 meters in the last week which is kind of funny because when I was really giving swimming my full attention I would do that in a day. Oh well. I am diversified now, right? My last swim felt good, I am definitely back in the comfort zone. Funny how quickly a little effort can do that for you.

I had a group ride last night with my tri group. We did a short 12 mile ride followed by an even shorter run. I love how the run feels so easy after a ride. I have always felt like the first mile in any race is the hardest. It is absolutely because I am not warmed up. It is nice to get the warm up out of the way on the bike and have a great run from the first step. I am feeling pretty confident on the bike now. I have gotten used to clipping in and pulling up on the pedals. It really does make a difference in the way my legs feel. I like it! (Did I just say I like the bike – my how things have changed – see previous paragraph on how a little training and effort makes all the difference!). Shifting is becoming more natural as well. I still have to think about it a little but it is becoming more and more second nature now. It is not perfect as evidenced by my chain falling off halfway through the ride last night BUT I hopped off and put it back on and kept going. No prayer circle necessary like the time I had the flat, thankfully.

I feel great about the triathlon on Sunday. Really confident and looking forward to it. I have a tennis match right after the race so am hoping I at least have time to hang out and enjoy the festivities before I have to sprint to the showers for my match. It is going to be a busy day.

Speaking of versatility… Khianna from KBRunsDisney tagged me with the versatile blogger award. Check her out, she has quite the race schedule going on this year starting with the Goofy Challenge in January and ending with the NYC Marathon. I am pretty sure this award has made its rounds so I tag each and every one of you in blog land who want to play along :)

Here we go… 7 random things about me. I could probably come up with a list of 100 but we’ll do that some other time. I know you can’t wait. LOL.

1. In an effort to save money this week, I stopped into a Great Clips-type salon. There were no customers, I was a little worried. The stylist there was an older man. A little unusual for me anyhow, I am used to ladies who want to consult and tell you what would work best for your hair, but then again I am used to paying quite a bit more too. Lucky was his name. Lucky was a man of 8 words. The entire time I was there, he spoke 8 words to me. “how you want cut”, “you want blowdry” and “yes” when I asked him if the hairdryer shocked him. Lucky had to snuff out his Marlboro early to cut my hair. I guess he was in a rush to finish it. Oddly enough, Lucky gave me the best cut I have had in years.

2. I sort M&Ms by color before eating them. Once sorted, I also like there to be even amounts of each color. Speaking of, I have a things about even numbers. I prefer the volume on the TV or temperature on the thermostat to be on an even number. I know… that is probably a disorder of some sort.

3. I put myself through college. It took me over 10 years to get my undergrad and MBA. I am not sure I am really using them but am glad I did it. It is sort of a feeling of accomplishment like running a marathon. Except that I am still paying the entry fee in the form of a student loan 10 years later.

4. I have never changed a diaper. Really.

5. Shopping. Not that into it. I do love Target and mostly buy what I need (want) online.

6. I don’t really like chocolate. Again, some sort of disorder. I will eat it but given the choice, I go for vanilla.

7. I have Adult Onset Athleticism. I did swim team over the summer as a kid for several years which gave me a lifetime love of swimming (Thanks, Dad!). I was a cheerleader back in the day but that was when you only really had to clap, yell and occasionally jump. Who can’t do that?

Have a great weekend! I have big plans, running tomorrow, picking up my first CSA box, a cookout at Dad's, triathlon and tennis. Maybe a nap too....


Lauren said...

Adult onset athleticism - I love that!!! And that's funny about the M&M's I do the same thing.

Good luck with the tri!

Jennifer said...

OMG I do the exact same thing with M&M's. How weird is that! Extra good luck this weekend, you are a braver soul than I! Have fun too!

lindsay said...

funny how so many people sort the m&m's and make sure they "complete a set". i do it too! hope the tri went well!

ShirleyPerly said...

I am with you on #3, 4, 5 & 7. It actually irks me that many kids nowadays expect their parents to pay for their college as I see so many just blowing their education on booze and partying.

Hope the tri went well for you!

That Pink Girl said...

Good luck on your tri - hope you have a great race!