Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Training

Just finished up a long weekend of training. I think I have hit that part of the schedule where you feel like you are doing nothing but Swim/Bike/Run all weekend. You get home in time to shower and re-pack it all for the next day. I am inching ever closer to the big races - Augusta 70.3 is about a month away and then the B2B full iron is 3 weeks after that one. Yikes! I still feel like I need to get it together...

Yesterday was a bike sandwich of a 15 mile run / 20 mile bike / 5 mile run those last few miles of running, all I could see in my mind were the slurpee machines at QT whirling around in my head. I could not get packed up and to QT fast enough! Of course I drank it so fast I gave myself a brain freeze. LOL.

Today I packed it all up bright and early and met a group at 5:30 this morning to make the two hour drive to Augusta to ride the bike course. We had a ton of laughs there and back and a good bike ride in between. Post-ride we devoured some Five Guys Burgers and then made our way back home to ATL. Big ups to Meredith for driving!

I recently added an aero bottle to my bike and it made a HUGE difference in the amount of water I consumed on course. It is so much easier to just drink from the straw rather than try to get the bottle from the cage. I am a little worried about the bottle handoff though, my bike frame is small so it won't fit the larger bottles they typically hand out. Am thinking I might have to actually stop and fill up the bottle. Not sure I am talented enough to fill that on the fly. Guess we'll have to play that one by ear.

Tomorrow is CR's birthday! We have Mondays off which always makes for a good birthday. I see a Bruster's ice cream cake in our future The girl at the store was quite proud of herself as this was the first time they let her write on the cakes. Nice job Bruster's girl!

Later this week, Colleen and I are headed to Panama City Beach for a training weekend. We have been watching Isaac and hoping for the best. We have been stockpiling our best magazines to read on the beach (after training of course) and we don't want any of that to go to waste!

...and pics from the ride last weekend because I would have no pics if it weren't for Mere.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Colleen said...

Sounds like a great training weekend! :) You are much more ready than you think if you can knock workouts like that off!

Johann said...

Great training, well done! You are ready and so motivated. Keep it going!

Ed said...

Way to get out there and enjoy the weekend!

Mike said...

Nice training this weekend! Sounds like you were able to make it fun social time as well.

Ann said...

Good job on the training!