Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finding Motivation...

Earlier this year, I did what a lot of you do every January and I pieced together a race calendar.  Honestly, outside of not doing another iron distance this year, I really didn't have a strong opinion on my race season.  No real goals, I just knew I wanted to step back a bit from the volume that preparing for iron distance races brings.  I ended up signing up for a couple of half irons but my heart really wasn't into it.  I mean, I wanted to do the races but just couldn't get enthused about getting ready for them.  It has been a struggle to find the motivation these past couple of months.  No reason in particular.  I kind of feel like I just needed a break from training and being on a schedule.

Motivation is a funny thing, you can find it in the most random acts or moments.  Earlier this week, we had our lawn guy come out and dig up our old bushes and replace them with new ones.  He cleaned up the yard to the point where it looks like a whole new house which is huge considering my house is 30+ years old.  No longer do I pull into the driveway and think how pitiful the yard is but this week I have pulled into the driveway and just smiled at how awesome it looks.  It has made me want to repaint and do some things to the inside now too!  (Side note, yes we have a lawn guy - sadly I do not have a green thumb and have NO IDEA how to maintain the lawn or any plant for that matter.  My aunt has a fantastic way with plants and my Dad and stepmom are pretty awesome with planting as well but alas I never managed to pick up this skill.)  Simply cleaning up the yard made all the difference in how I felt about the house.

The same thing sort of happened training-wise this week.  You might remember that last year I raced in the Iron Girl Triathlon at Lake Lanier.  Well, Friday I was contacted by them to see if I wanted to race again this year.  I had been on the fence about it but just couldn't commit - you know that motivation issue....  sigh.  In fact, a week prior I had almost filled out the registration form but for some reason at the last minute decided against it.  When I received the email, I jumped at the chance to sign up!  I really do love that race.  I have ridden the course many times both on my own and leading group rides.  For a sprint, it is challenging and I really love the spirit of the iron girl race series.  (BTW Registration for the Iron Girl Atlanta is still open if you want to get in on an awesome sprint triathlon with some great SWAG.  Use discount code RUNKDUBRUNIG for $10 off entry.)

Between that email from IG and the announcement from RunDisney about the Dopey Challenge, the switch was tripped and I was in full on race mode!  (Have you heard of the Dopey Challenge?  5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon on consecutive days - yes please!).  Nothing changed with my training or anything else in my life but those two little things were enough to light the fire again.  Crazy how easy it is to change your outlook.  Feeling officially pumped about this year - see you at the races! 

** Just so you know...   Iron Girl provided me with a race entry; however, all opinions are my own.**  


Kate Geisen said...

Hurray for returned motivation...and free race entries! :)

Mike said...

Send some of that motivation up here! Glad you found yours.

Matthew Smith said...

How do you get the hook up with all these free race entries! That's just awesome! I think Jenn may want to do IronGirl, so she might race with you!

Where are the pictures of your sweet new yard? I want to SEE it!!! :)

Colleen said...

It's good when something flips the switch for you - free race entries to races you love, fun new challenges and pretty new yards! I get it!

ajh said...

What is the Dopey challenge? Glad you found your race mojo!

Kevin said...

Good to hear you found your motivation. I would like to do dumbo, but two things keep me from it.

1) The 500$ price tag
4) 4 Days in a row getting up at 4AM with each day running a longer race

I'll probably stick to the Goofy