Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ironman Training Week 16

I think it is week 16.  Don't quote me on that...    I am diving into the harder weeks on the training schedule.  So far, so good.  The extra century rides seem to be helping out with my biking.  The only downside from all the riding is that I am getting tired of packing up all the gear for these weekly bike rides.  I have the helmet, shoes, etc. in a big plastic tub but the gathering up of nutrition, water bottles, clothes and loading it all in the car feels like its own event.  Part of the process, I suppose :)

Speaking of, IM LOU supposedly has a problem with locals putting tacks on the road as a special way of welcoming us to town.  At first I read it was one year, now am hear it has happened the last three years.  What is wrong with people??  Some racers have said it is no big deal but I have read accounts of one too many people getting flats up there that it is making me nervous.  I will be putting in some flat changing practice here and praying for no tacks on race day.  ("No tacks on race day" is the lesser known rule, right after "nothing new on race day" in the training guide...)

Monday:  Rest Day! 

Bike (AM):  27 miles
Swim (AM):  2700 meters
Crossfit (PM) 

Run (AM):  5 miles was supposed to be the long run for the week but between a storm brewing up as I was running that morning and the plumber spending the better part of the day digging up our septic lines in the yard that was all I could manage.  Fun times!

Run (AM):  5 miles 
Swim (PM):  3100 meters - straight swim!  Need to start doing this more often...
Crossfit (PM):  The amount of sweat I can generate in these sessions at Crossfit is astounding.

Swim (AM):  2200 meters - my Friday morning easy swim.  Love it.  Not sure why I think just because it is so short that it feels like a break (even though it isn't - which probably makes no sense to anyone but me...)

Bike fitting in the PM.  I had a retul fitting when I first got my bike but they never looked at my cleats so looking back, I feel like that fitting was never quite right.  Friday was a fitting with an old school biker who really knows his stuff.  We lowered the bars in front, moved the seat back and adjusted everything starting with the cleats.  I could tell a difference in power from the very first ride.  So worth it!

Tennis.  I know, what?  Apparently my tennis team was desperate for players and I obliged.  I enjoyed playing but it does require some adjustments to the training schedule.  Long run was moved to Monday.  

In other news, my other tennis team was invited to play at State which takes place 2 weeks before IM LOU.  Hmmm.  I think I will go but with the understanding that I am the player of last resort.  If no other live bodies exist, put me in coach...  (which really I am probably that anyhow - training or not.  LOL)  

Bike:  62 miles
The retribution ride!  Oh it felt so good.... 

Tomorrow is the Peachtree Road Race which promises to be a complete washout with all the rain.  At least it won't be hot!  :)  Hope you guys have a great 4th!


Mike said...

Another solid week of training. Way to go!

That tack thing is BS. Maybe the RD should request riders carry cell phones and call him when they encounter tacks so he/she can dispatch a clean up team.

Matthew Smith said...

I'm a little worried about the tacks too! My thoughts are to not worry about being the first in the water and let everyone that goes before me pick up all the tacks in their tires. Is that mean? It might be, but it could save my day! :)

Happy 4th!

Kate Geisen said...

You're doing so well with the training!

I really need to have a bike fitting for all of my bikes. Should take care of that before school starts again. Hope your 4th was awesome!

ajh said...

That is awful about the tacks. People can be very mean. Good luck and good job on the training.

Michael said...

You are killing the training!!

The tacks are crazy! No, awful! I hope that doesn't happen.