Friday, October 3, 2008

Breaking in the orthotics...

I have been on vacation for the past two days. No particular plans, just wanted to take some time off. I really need to get some things done at home but I always manage to put that off so we'll see if that happens this weekend. Yesterday I got up at 4:44 am. (Funny, that seems to be a popular time, I read a post on My Dog Party yesterday about getting up at 4:44). It is something I have done for a while now. Initially I had a masters swim session to get to in the morning, now I still get up and go work out but it has really become a habit. I much prefer working out in the morning to working out at night. Why 4:44 instead of say, 4;45? No idea... It may be part of my self diagnosed OCD that I like everything in even numbers. Who knows. I could use this time to share with you about I sort all the M&Ms I eat by color before I eat them but then you would think I was crazy. So pretend you didn't hear that... Anyhow...

Up at 4:44 to go to my second-ever Yoga class. This one was MUCH better. Less of an intro to Yoga, more of an actual class. There were other people there too which helps tremendously. I do not generally like to the focus of attention so it was good to have other people with me this time. After my second class, I will say there is something to this Yoga thing. I don't know that I am getting the "inner focus" that you hear about but you do keep your core muscles engaged most of the time so it is a good workout even though you don't sweat. (which actually is a plus). I am glad I gave it a try and might try to work at least one class into my schedule once a week going forward.

After Yoga, I had an appointment with Dr. Dude to pick up my orthotics. Basically, they look like Dr. Scholl's footpads with a thin layer of hard molded plastic attached. You can feel the extra support when you walk so it will take some adjustment. Not uncomfortable really; just different.

The idea is to break them in gradually. I am to wear them 1 to 2 hours the first day then gradually get up to 8 hours. Running-wise, wear them for a mile then gradually build up there as well. I also was given some advice by Dr. Dude on how I should slow done on the number of races I do or at least not do every other one as an attempt for a personal best but maybe just do some for fun. We also discussed taking in some gatorade within an hour of the race and other nutrition tips. He really is a helpful doctor.

This morning, I took the orthotics on their first run (why I chose to refer to them just now as if they were people, I am not sure...). Anyhow. I got a mile in today at Mountain Park. It really felt good. I was kind of scared that I would have lost any endurance that I had worked so hard to build up in the previous months. There were loads of people walking/running/biking this morning at the park. We have just started to get some nice fall-like weather so it was a great morning to be outside. Even the ducks were up when I got there. Last time, I was there so early I was surprised to hear them all snoring. (literally.). The orthotics felt fine, in fact I did not notice them once I started running. I have a 5K tomorrow and am really started to get excited. I just really want to run with a crowd, be around some running types and get my excitement back. I can't wait!

The second plan for today was to try and get my tennis form back in shape with one of my Tennis Pro friends. I volunteer more than is normal and help TPF with a few tennis tournaments throughout the year. In exchange, I get free lessons which works out well most of the time. The maddening part is that because I don't pay TPF cancels on me. A.LOT. Today was no different. I was all dressed, had just pressed the unlock button on my car keys and the phone rings to cancel. GRRRR! So... Plan B. That housework I mentioned. or might make some carrot cake cupcakes. or sit in front of the TV and veg out. I will work on the tennis form tomorrow after my 5k. Good enough :)

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merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Now that's funny that you got up at 4:44am too. ;-) Good time to get the workout in, for sure. As for the yoga, so many people have encouraged me to try it. I'm not bendy at all and it puts me off, but you sound like a good candidate for it and are sticking with it. Hope the orthotics work out for you!