Saturday, June 6, 2009

The story on the bathtub water...

Slow news day, this is all I have... As it turns out the reason for the water being bathtub temperature outside at Lifetime is that the outdoor and indoor pools somehow use the same heating system so if you turn it down/off to keep the outside water cool, the inside swimmers have water that is too cool. Oddly, I don't remember the water being hot outside last year. Who knows... Maybe I should just bring some bags of ice to dump in my lane before I get in on Tuesday morning!

In other news, tennis, tennis, tennis is the theme for the next three days. Today was the official start of the Mixed season. I generally don't like playing mixed as the men tend to be pretty competitive and if your partner is one of these types it is not much fun. You might be surprised to find that I don't see myself as being overly competitive so you can see the conflict. Yes, I like to win. I just don't have that win at all costs competitive drive. I joined a mixed team this season and they are just fun. Just plain fun. My partner and I had a pretty competetive match and ended up losing in three sets. It was a great match, we just came up on the wrong end of the score. Oh well.

Tomorrow is singles which is probably my favorite. It is completely up to me, no pressure of disappointing your partner with a bad shot. You win or lose it yourself. The other part of tennis involves food. The matches are played at 12:30 each Sunday and for some of these teams, teh food is more important than the playing. I had one team captain in the past read us the riot act because the table was not something that would have made Martha Stewart proud. We immediately voted to pay her $10 a week to bring the food so it would then be up to her standards. I much preferred it that way - nothing to bring but cash. Anyhoo... I am baking carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting as I blog. How is that for multi-tasking. If you would like to be further impressed, I am also washing a load of whites. Yes, I am an over-achiever! :)

Which brings us to Monday... City Finals! I can't wait. Hopefully it will be a good match. We are a little worried because the other team has crushed their opponents leasing up to this match. We don't know their opponents so we aren't sure if it was just that their opponents weren't that great or that this team is just that good. I am hoping it is that they aren't that great.

I had several friends who did a tri this weekend, I kind of missed it. I have a feeling I will do Augusta after all. Must get the training plan worked out. The thing of it is, I am not sure how to fit it all in with boot camp, tennis and work. That is where the plan falls apart. I know the answer. I don't like the answer. Give up boot camp or tennis. Still pondering and running out of time.

Have a great weekend.

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Kevin said...

Interesting about the pools at LTF..didnt know that. The indoor pool at Alpharetta is always cold. I am enjoying being able to swim outside again.

Good luck with your tennis.

If you want it, I have a pdf copy of an article from triathlete magazine with a training plan that is for 70.3 with only 1 day of two workouts per day: once on the weekend. It may fit in with your busy schedule. It was from November.