Thursday, January 28, 2010

A bunch of randomness (what is new?)...

I think most of my posts are a bunch of randomness but this one might be more so than usual so brace yourself for some subject jumping.

I might have mentioned the other day that my camera battery died. I still haven't found the spare charger (or the spare battery for that matter). Hubster has a charger unfortunately he is currently somwehere between an ice storm in Oklahoma and FREEZING (by Georgia standards) temps in Chicago. Wouldn't you know, I had about 10 things I wanted to take pictures of and post over the last two days. I can pretty much guarantee once I get my battery recharged, nothing will seem nearly as pictureworthy. I could sketch it out and scan it in but... :)

So my arms are feeling the workout from Tuesday. I know you probably aren't supposed to enjoy pain but there is a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that you worked out just hard enough, don't you agree? Yesterday I did 30 minutes of intervals on the stairmill. I am not sure why but I generate more sweat on that machine than any other piece of cardio equipment in the gym. My thoery is something to do with working the larger muscles but could be wrong on that, I am certainly no expert.

Today, I did a leg workout which was once again borrowed from Fitnessista. You may start to notice a theme of borrowing here as I took tomorrow's workout from another blogger. I love reading other people's workout plans (and stealing them for my own use, obviously).

So today....

Lunge and Lift with a 10 lb medicine ball (3 sets of 12)
Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
Leg Extensions
Leg Presses
Bosu Ball Calf Raises
Step Ups (I was clearly tired this morning as I kept tripping on the step- DOH!)
Straight Leg Pullover Crunch
15 minutes of treadmill time

The 15 minutes of treadmill time was really supposed to be 30 but I was running late this morning. My penalty was when I arrived at the gym, SOMEONE WAS USING MY LOCKER! Yes, MY locker, the one that does not have my name on it, does not have a lock on it and is in no way assigned to me yet it is mine. I am very territorial. Every morning, locker 319, MINE. The one with the little heart sticker that someone stuck on the inside of the door that says "cheeky". MINE. How could everyone not know this? LOL. It is funny how there is a certain law of the land in the locker room in the morning. Everyone tends to have their own little process. Me with my locker, thong girl drying her hair for the world to see her in her thong glory, the lady clearing her sinuses in the shower, apparently there are others who color their hair. The lady who was using MY locker was very nice so I cut her some slack and vowed to get there extra early tomorrow :)

For tomorrow, my workout was borrowed from Graduate Meghann. It is basically a fartlek workout. Fifteen minutes at normal pace and then alternate one minute of fast pace (for me like a 8:00 minute mile) with one minute of normal pace (9:30 minute mile). Alternate like that for 15 minutes and then finish off with 10 minutes at normal pace. I am looking forward to trying it to tomorrow. I am digging the weight workouts as they are new and entertaining so I am hoping this treadmill workout will be a little spark of new to keep me interested in staying on the treadmill.

I am still on my healthy eating kick. Unbelievable. I might start a ticker on the sidebar of the blog to see how long this lasts. I have been eting tons of spinach based salads, yogurt, fruits and veggies and very little junk. Trust, me this is weird. I usually break down by now into full on Dorito mode. I hope this lasts! Side note, every yogurt manufacturer out there is jumping on the Greek Yogurt thing now. This week at Publix (where Chobani is 10 for $10 - stock up...), they had the usuals - Chobani, Oikos and Fage but also had newcomers Dannon and Yoplait. I don't think Dannon and Yoplait has quite as much protein but maybe it will push the prices down since there is more competition. I snagged a Yoplait to cehck out the flavor.

Lots of drama today. ACK. Apparently there was tennis drama last night. Our opponents were not very gracious losers. There is also some question as to whether or not some of their players were playing under assumed names (meaning they tried to put in some ringers). In the end, it didn't matter as we won 4 out of 5 matches but it is kind of unnecessary drama for recreational tennis where you aren't picking up a paycheck. More drama ensued at work today. There are days when I WISH I could blog about work because you would just laugh. Today was more about people complaining about crazy things that really don't amount to anything at all. SIGH... Just accept the things you cannot change and move on, you know?

I think that wraps up my random thoughts for today... We have playoffs this weekend which I am quite excited about! My ladies team is the number one seed in the bracket so am hoping we manage to make it to finals! Fingers Crossed.


Meg said...

I like you random post today and the part about the tennis drama. Funny! BTW, what is a Bosu ball?

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I like to get new ideas for training too. It's fun to keep it fresh, mix it up. congrats on the healthy eating.

Teamarcia said...

Ugh the stepmill is a sweat machine because it is BRUTAL! Good for you for getting on!
WTG on the clean eating front, that's no easy task!

AZ said...

Unfortunately we don't have a thong girl in our locker room. Or maybe I'm not there early enough.

Karen said...

AZ - LOL - you aren't missing anything!

Karen said...

Meg - A bosu ball is kind of this disc shaped thing. One side is flat, the other side is inflated so when you stand on it you really have to work your core and leg muscles to maintain balance.

runningwithsass said...

great workout! too funny about the locker!

Jennifer said...

Good for you with the good eating! I struggle with it all the time even though I love cooking. Just laziness on my part. I love fartlek running, it's fun and improvisational and keeps me from being bored!