Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello Spring?

It is snowing here again. I cannot tell y'all how unusual that is for Atlanta. We just don't get snow like we have this winter. Weird... I keep thinking maybe that means a really warm summer. You know, we have sort of wrung all the cold air out and there is nothing left but warm. Just a theory... :)

By the way, I woke up in a mood today. You have been warned... I intended to get up in order to get to the gym for at least an hour on the treadmill but sleep was too hard to shake off. In the end, sleep partially won but not without a fight. I convinced myself SOME time was better than NO time at the gym today and managed to get out the door to get 30 minutes of cardio in the books.

My legs are hurting pretty good from yesterday so couldn't muster up a run. A hill climb sounded better somehow so I used the incline and pounded out 30 minutes in zone 2 (I have been doing zone based training again). All in all I really wish I had gotten up earlier but sometimes the call of a few more minutes of sleep is too strong to resist!

Part of my mood has to do with the tennis league I am in now. My first 2 opponents couldn't play their match so gave me a free win (on paper it sounds good but I really would have preferred to play). My 3rd match emailed this morning to reschedule our match. Initially, it was a GRR! moment but now that I have had some time to think on it, it actually works out for the best as I have a thyroid biopsy tomorrow (again) and really probably shouldn't be playing a match right after. So, the moral is don't get all crabby about something until you have fully assessed the situation as it might be for the best!

The spinach obsession continues. I very well may be one step away from spinach cookies at this point (or not).

Last night's shake experiment:
2 cups spinach
10 frozen cherries
Scoop of chocolate protein powder
1 c skim milk

Surprisingly good - a must try. If you dare...

Speaking of things that are surprising...

Did you know that ONE Hershey Nugget contains 50 calories? That seems like a lot for one piece of chocolaty, almond goodness. I believe I am more shocked by that calorie content than I am by the girl scout cookies containing 100 calories per cookie for some of their offerings. Granted, it won't stop me from eating them but now I am just a well educated consumer :)

One final thing... As I was eating my lunch yesterday perusing the magazines we keep in the break room, I ran across an article on one of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman. Mostly, I love her cooking information but she has a pretty interesting story living on a ranch. It was in Woman's Day March 2010. Very cool.


Ewa said...

chocolate and spinach? cherries? OK, this is weird enough I will have to try it.

It is hard to postpone being crabby.

Hope sun and spring comes your way soon. At least maybe you won't have water shortages this year.

lindsay said...

you're definitely not the only one who can get grouchy and then realize things worked out for the better.

those nuggets only have 50cals b/c of the almonds! ...that'd be my excuse anyway ;)

Laura said...

Mmm, that shake sounds delicious! I love spinach smoothies and I'll have to give that a try.

I DEFINITELY know how you feel about being too tired to work out... I am up right now for just the reason but can't seem to get my butt down to the gym. Content to just lie in bed catching up on blogs :)

AZ said...

We're just shipping the snow down to you from up north. But we don't want your hot and humid summer in exchange.