Monday, March 1, 2010

My arms hurt too much to type...

Seriously. Is there anything better than leaving a work out knowing you are spent? You know, you can barely hold up the hair dryer to dry your hair. Your legs are like jelly walking down the stairs to the locker room and you are wondering if anyone would notice if you were 15 minutes late for work so you could sit in the whirlpool. All signs of an excellent work out!

A month or so ago, I participated in a national calorie burn challenge at Lifetime Fitness. Basically, you just had to log in how many calories you burned that day for a chance to win $50 that could be applied to purchases at Lifetime. They selected 20 members from each club and I was one of the winners from my club. WOO HOO!

I have been missing my boot camp experience and kind of wanted a little kick start so I put my winnings toward a month of boot camp. The thing of it is, once you leave boot camp, it is tough because you still see all your friends taking part and there you are trying to go it alone. Kind of like not being invited to eat lunch with the cool kids. :)

So today, I was back. I KNEW my strength was not where it had been and it showed today. The first round was 3 - 60 second sets each of bench presses, squats with 25 lb weights and triceps dips.

Round two was the same 60 second sets repeated 3 times but this time was leg presses, plank on the stability ball and squats where you swing the 25 lb weights with you arms.

Round 3 continued with the same 60 second format for each exercise repeated 3 times. This time was some kind of ab thing (I am pretty sure that is the official name). You lie on your back with legs lifted slightly and you head and shoulders off the ground and hold for 60 seconds. The other 2 exercises in the group were some kind of side lunge with weights (like swinging a bat) and then regular lunges holding 10 pound weights overhead. The final few minutes were a variety of pushups, mountain climbers, burpees and squats. It was plenty for me!

Luckily, my opponent for my tennis match tomorrow just cancelled as I am pretty sure my arms will be hurting! I am so excited to be back at boot camp even if it is only a month.

By the time I got to work, I was ready for some food so I had my usual vanilla yogurt, grapefruit, pinapple, granola combo. It was the best ever today!

On my day off yesterday, I was experimenting a lot with food so am looking forward to trying some at lunch. I have a white chili along with a spinach salad (I have a serious spinach addiction right now, can you tell?). I roasted some eggplant last night so tossed that with some broccoli and tomato on the spinach for my salad.

I have a run planned for tomorrow AM and then bootcamp again Wednesday. Have a great day!


lindsay said...

the jello/spaghetti feeling is oh-so good, but then i just want to EAT!

as long as you don't start baking spinach-chocolate-chip cookies, we can still be friends :)

AZ said...

Spinach and addiction are two words I never thought I'd see/hear together outside of Popeye cartoons. Maybe you'll become ridiculously strong.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Yes, I know that arms too tired to hold the hair dryer feeling. You've been working hard!

Ewa said...

Now that is some serious boot camp. I need something like that for cross training. I keep promising myself to do it, and then I make another promise...
Good job and keep burning those calories.