Sunday, May 1, 2011

Race week!

Well, I guess technically week two of my two week training plan would be the taper, right? ;)

Obviously, I have not followed a training plan for the race this weekend so am hoping that the training I have been randomly doing over the last six weeks or so will carry me across the finish line. This week was more about feeling mentally prepared so I was riding, running and swimming the race distances in order to have that "I have done this before what is the big deal" feeling coming race day.

Tuesday: Swim 2300 Meters (AM), Run 3 miles (PM)
Wednesday: Track Workout, 3 miles
Thursday: Swim 1800 Meters (AM), Bike 14 miles (PM)
Friday: Run 2.75 miles
Saturday: Brick - Run 3.75 miles, Swim 1100 meters
Sunday: Bike 24.5 Miles

I feel ready. My biking is 1000x times more comfortable than it was a few weeks back. Dare I say, I actually like it now? I am even thinking of working a metric century in between now and September as a training ride. I know... take a minute and let the shock wear off.

The only thing about the race Saturday that sort of has an element of the unknown is wearing a wetsuit during the swim. Yes, normally I know you should practice that before race day but... (load in your favorite excuse here). I wouldn't rate it on the level of freaking out about it, I am just not real sure what to expect in terms of how it will impact my stroke. I am reading up on tips to help get the wetsuit off easily. I have read about people spraying ankles and wrists with Pam. Is that true or should I try something else?

One more random bit before I am off to taper. Does anyone else use Buckeye Outdoors to log their training? They apparently had some pretty serious server outages and are trying to recover all the data (which is why you don't see anything under my Daily Mile widget). Thankfully, I had been logging most things in Daily Mile as well but had only been doing that since the beginning of April. Kind of sad as I really like the format of Buckeye for at a glance viewing of my training month. Hopefully they can get it recovered!


ajh said...

I think doing a tri has to be so hard! So much to have to know and think about. Sounds like you are ready even if you haven't practiced everything. Good luck. And no I don't use Buckeye.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling confident for this race. I am sure you'll be fine even with the wetsuit. I'm not a tri person so I'm not sure about the PAM idea, but it sounds kind of nasty :).

I've never used Buckeye - I log everything in an Excel spreadsheet that I created.

Colleen said...

You'll do great!

BUT... with the wetsuit - BODY GLIDE, TRI-SLIDE, LUBE LUBE LUBE places like the neck, wrists, ankles. I chafe horribly and there is nothing more painful!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Best wishes this weekend - I have sooo much respect for you 3 sport people. If you use PAM, use the butter flavored!

Michael said...

Good luck with this weekend. I have yet to use a wetsuit in a tri, and as a matter of fact I have avoided races that I might need one because I'm scared to death of them. Maybe one day.

B.o.B. said...

I didn't use anything with the wetsuit when I wore it for my last sprint. I just pulled it off like a mad woman. LOL! I bought some stuff called "suit juice" that is supposed to help get the thing on, but I've yet to even use it! I think you are ready. I use Daily Mile so that stinks about the loss of data!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

wohoo good luck this weekend. I am having trouble fitting everything in... seriously, I want to bike, yoga, swim, run, weights...but oye I am not quite getting in all in. right now swimming is the one getting the short stick

Karen said...

Hope the race went well! Can't wait to hear about it!! :0)

Kelly said...

I used Buckeye Outdoors. It had my training information from my very first workout in 2008 all the way through now. I am totally devastated by the loss. I have no other record of my workouts or weight for the past 3 years.

Kenley said...

Thanks for stopping by. Tris really arent my thing, but I respect any one into them. It's hard eonough for me to focus on running. lol. Best wishes. Take care.