Thursday, July 3, 2008

A moment of silence for Bozo...

Bozo the Clown died today. Who didn't want to be on the Bozo show as a kid? the chance to drop the ping pong ball in the line of buckets to win a prize and see Bozo in person - too much fun to deny! Unfortunately I learned disappointment early in life. Bozo lived in Chicago. Too far to drive from Atlanta for a chance to drop a ping pong ball in a bucket.

My new trainer/co-worker Theresa and I worked out this morning. It was fun, hopefully we can stick with it. She is coming up with a tougher regimen for Tuesday when we hit the weights again.

The Peachtree Road Race is tomorrow. Me, Dad and 54,998 other folks will be pounding the pavement for the coveted shirt. I am going to try and take some pictures to capture the essence of the race and all the sweaty people in my midst.

I had one more person sign up for my Wednesday morning run club. I have myself and 3 others now. It should be interesting to see how long every sticks with the program. I am going to try and talk them into signing up for a 5k to get started.

I got my photo proofs from the Iron Girl today. I must look straight down at the pavement when I run, every picture I ever get from a race looks like I have my eyes shut. I must work on being more photogenic as I am gasping for air and passing the photographers.... something to aspire to at the race tomorrow I suppose. :)

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