Friday, July 3, 2009

Cancer Schmancer and other 4th of July fireworks

At the rate I am going, this may turn into a medical blog :)

For the past few years, I have been going to the dermatologist annually for a skin cancer screening. I have more than my share of freckles so it is quite the process. Typically, they find something that looks suspicious and send it off for testing. So I got a call yesterday about a skin biopsy I had done last week. It turns out it was cancerous. Funny, because the doctor didn't seem to think it was anything. I was the one that insisted it be tested. I guess we know our own bodies better than they do - or at least when something is not normal. I am insanely religious about sunscreen now. Not so much "back in the day". I think this is from my spending every waking hour poolside in my youth before we knew about sunscreen or perhaps from my brief addiction to tanning beds. I know....

Luckily, basal cell is really not a big deal and from what I understand, the chances of it spreading to other organs are next to nothing (if not nothing) so for you fans of Grey's Anatomy who are thinking I will start hallucinating and talking to dead fiancees like Izzy, it ain't gonna happen. They gave me 2 choices, I can have it cut out or burn it out with some kind of prescription. I opted for the prescription. Well, I opted for the prescription until i got it filled and did a google search on it like any other self respecting, self diagnosing individual. The crem is called Aldara and has some crazy reports of side effects. I do believe I might call on Monday and go for the cutting off/burning/freezing/whatever it was option. The area is the size of the end of a pencil so how bad could the scar be (and am not sure I really care about a scar anyhow).

All this made me think that I never updated on the whole thyroid thing... (is it just me or did I start falling apart when I hit 40?). I decided to take a gamble and let it ride. The risks associated with removing the thyroid were more than I wanted to deal with right now. I go back in October for another ultrasound and possible biopsy.

Tomorrow, I am doing my annual peachtree road race with my Dad. In Atlanta, that is THE race of the year. I heard that more than 10,000 who sent in entries were turned away. The race caps at 55,000 entrants so you can imagine the wait time to cross the start line if you are in one of the last corrals. Luckily, I did a qualifier race and am up near the front. I won't be lining up with the Kenyans and other runners of great speed but not too far behind. I managed to get into time group 1B. The weather is supposed to be "coolish" tomorrow with a high around 88. To some, that might sound high but for the past 2 weekends we have had temps around 96 or 97 so 88 as a high is quite exciting. Not enough for a jacket but exciting nonetheless ;)

Have a great 4th!

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lindsay said...

yikes! i am glad it sounds like 'no big deal' and that you are handling it well. the burn procedure sounds intimidating but compared to the potential side effects i think i'd take it too. a scar is much easier for me to handle! either way, i hope it is taken care of quickly.

hope you had a great weekend and a fun time in peachtree!