Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Four more shopping days until July 11th!

you got it.... my half-birthday. :) Those of you who scoff at the notion clearly are just jealous that you did not think of it first. Yes, as you might remember from last year it took me 39 years to get it to catch on but when it did... wow! I am pretty sure I won't be getting another Wii but I will always have the memories of my 39.5 birthday!

The Peachtree gave my desire to run new legs, so to speak. I was kind of teetering on the edge of falling off the cliff an dam now once again inspired! I have given serious thought to simplifying many aspects of my life lately. I started with giving up my sweet teammates from my Fall ALTA team to join a new team closer to home. (The old team was 45 minutes away which made for a long drive home after practice and matches). I have also made the decision not to do Augusta. Some of it has to do with the training and trying to incorporate it into my daily life which was pretty full already and some of it just has to do with my effort to slow down and simplify a bit. No more hectic life for me! (or at least this year anyhow...). I may do a sprint Tri in August but am just not feeling the momemtum to work for Augusta this year. I love running and am going to focus on the Nike Marathon in October (both training and talking my company into a plane ticket! HA) and then Disney again in January. I truly missed tennis when I took a break earlier this year and realized that my true love is tennis with a lot of running mixed in! I have a 15k in my sights as well as several half marathons to round out the year. I have decided that the half is my favorite distance. Not too short, not too long but you feel like you accomplished something when you are done. I would say it is just enough to work up a sweat but in Atlanta in July just stepping outside makes you work up a sweat!

On tap for the rest of the week, lots of tennis practice and hopefully a run at Stone Mountain over the weekend on my half birthday :)

Oh - update on the basal cell... I decided to go with the cream instead of going back to the dermatologist. Mostly just me not wanting to add another thing to my schedule. I did manage to dig up a couple of reviews from people who had no issues at all with it so that was good enough for me.


Kevin said...

I dont blame you for not doing Augusta. A Half Iron really requires the time to put in the training and trying to fit your tennis in might be tough.

lindsay said...

i am a big fan of half-birthdays, but i can never seem to convince people to get me presents... :)

i like that you are sorting through your priorities and making things work for you and so you can enjoy them/life/running/working out best. no big deal on augusta - especially since it sounds like you have plenty of other things going on and i know you'll still be the exercising fiend! a half-iron would be cool, but not if you dread training for it and all. tennis is excellent cross-training, especially since you are actually good at it. i do a lot more standing around so i don't know how effective it would be for me. :)