Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peachtree Pics and Other Reflections on Running...

I don't usually order the official race photos unless they are particularly good or have something otherwise memorable about them. In general, I tend to look like I am moments from death or have one eye open/one shut or some other freakish expression on my face. I ordered a couple from the Peachtree this year mostly just because they were shots that had good memories asscociated with them. I should have bought the finish photo as it was particularly funny but couldn't bring myself to send the $ just to get blog material for your amusement. Instead, I will describe it for you. Sort of a reading for the blind service only I am not reading out loud, and well, you are most likely not blind. Of course after this build up it probably won't seem funny at all. Humor is a risk.

So you know how when you are running and they have the scaffolding with the photogs overhead? I haven't really perfected the art of when to wave, smile or at least look up and try to get a decent photo. You would think after the umpteenth race I would have figured out at what point I need to look up, flash a winning smile and either give the two arms raised in victory or the simple more subtle "V" with your fingers as if to say "I've got this, I have done it a million times, this is really no big deal because I am cool like that. Take my picture if you want to, everyone does". The reality is, I can't even get a good pic with the camera guys who are sitting on the ground right in front of me. This particular race, I remember thinking I had it figured out. I was feeling pretty good at the end and went for the arms raised in victory pose. I decided to go with one arm raised up. I can't remember why. Perhaps I was thinking it be a compromise between the WAHOO LOOOK AT ME I AM RUNNING AND HAVE TWO ARMS IN THE AIR and the too cool for school V finger pose. At any rate, the picture apparently was snapped as my arm was coming down so it looks like I have my arm around the shoulder of an invisible friend. I have recreated the moment in the pic below only subtract the furniture and the pile of books and add in a time clock, surrounding sweaty bodies and a big finish line. You get the idea.

New goal! Work on getting a good race photo! LOL.

Some other photos from the Peachtree that weren't nearly as humorous... This is me and my Dad on the way to the start. He is clearly on a mission with no time to stop for a photo. This was his 29th Peachtree (his 10th wearing the lucky shirt you see in the pic). WOW. Well, WOW for the 29th Peachtree. Wearing a shirt ten years in a row... I suppose that gets a different kind of WOW. :)

Me shortly after the start with a couple of my friends from Bermuda. You tend to get to know people as you stand around in the corrals pre-race. It was kind of funny because they kept bumping into people they knew. I am from Atlanta and didn't see a single person I knew while waiting for the start.

Tennis has wound down quite a bit and I am looking forward to having my first Saturday in eight weeks free to get in a long run! The plan is 10 miles at Stone Mountain which I have decided will continue to be my training ground as I prepare for San Francisco. Normally, I would say the hills at Stone Mountain would be more than enough for any race but am afraid they might not do San Francisco justice. I have to draw the line at running up the mountain to prepare. I do have my limits! To help add to the excitement of getting in a Saturday run, the weather this week has been unseasonably cool in Atlanta. What is considered unseasonably cool, you ask? Try very low humidity and a high of 83ish all week. AWESOME!

Have a great week! I will let you know how the run comes out and leave you with this thought for the day... No workout can out work a bad diet, nutrition will always be the foundation. (Funny side note, this was a post from a group on facebook. Right above it was a post from Paula Deen reminding everyone to get in their Pimento Cheese recipes. LOL.)


Kevin said...

In the last two years, I didnt have a single good finishers photo at any of my tri's. They always manage to get me stopping my watch..even when I waited longer to stop it

Renee said...

I still think that is so cool your dad has such a streak going on and now you are a part of it too!

lindsay said...

great race pics! i love your caption about dad being too busy to stop, while you are all ready to pose for a pic!

also your non-ordered pic looks like you were trying to embrace your imaginable running friend :) mine never turn out good either. when i smile i look like a huge dork and when i don't i look like constipated - can't win!