Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do I Smell Bacon?...

After 19 years of marraige, the anniversary gifts become less and less creative. At some point you kind of have everything you need or maybe you are just content with not exchanging gifts. Last weekend's anniversary offering was me making bacon and pancakes for breakfast. CR literally has no sense of smell since the accident so it was odd that he thought he smelled the bacon as it cooked. That was last week. This Saturday's exchange went something like this:

CR: Do I smell bacon?
me: No.
CR: Do I smell pancakes?
me: Nice try...

My CSA pick up is on Saturday mornings so I typically roll out of the house around 8:30 to make my pickup and then go on my long run. Today's pick up was looking pretty good.

A couple of unusual eggplant looking items. Odd looking and no real idea of what to do with them. I guess my non-farming experience is showing this week...

As I pulled out of the farmer's market, there was a light drizzle and cooler than normal temperatures. My plan for heading back for a long run session with Raven and Hannah Montana suddenly seemed less than tempting. Something about running in the rain seemed to be just what I needed. I pointed the car to Stone Mountain.

I pulled in to a spot, tied my car key to my shoe for safekeeping and turned on my ipod. Today's plan was to knock down 12 miles. On my Ipod I have been listening to The Help by Kathryn Stockett. At this point I am half way through the book and absolutely love it. Honestly, I hate to turn the ipod off at the end of my workout. I have always loved reading since I was young. I can remember reading for entire weekends. It feels like a cop out to listen to a book but it is so enjoyable on a long run. This particular book is set in Jackson, MS in the early 60s during the civil rights movement. My Mother was born and raised in the Jackson area and still lives there so I think that connection might make the book all that more fascinating to me.

The first 5 mile lap around the mountain seemed to go so quickly. I made a quick stop at the car to pull the sweaty mess that was my hair into a ponytail. The temperature was starting to heat up and the humidity must have been 100%. Seriously. I munched half a Marathon bar and took in some water then took off for lap number two. Oddly enough, I normally use GU gels to refuel but the last two weeks I have refueled with Marathon bars and it has worked very well. I was not sure how they would digest on the run but I haven't had any issues.

I wrapped up lap two to complete 10 miles and was starting to feel it. I had that internal debate you probably know very well. Should I keep going and be happy with 10 or just suck it up and do the 12? I decided to suck it up. I ran another mile past the car and turned around and came back to make it 12 miles. WOO HOO! While it wasn't overly easy, it did feel easier than the 10 miles I did a few weeks back so I am making progress. While it is so easy to lose running condition, I guess it is just as easy to get it back. I think the trick might be to set yourself up for a good run by being attuned to what will get you through any given run. Last week, for me it was the treadmill. Today, it was a run in the rain with a good book. Do what works and enjoy it.

Oh and when you are done, enjoy that runner's high. I did. I used my runner's high spurt of energy to make some treats...

CR: Do I smell cookies?
me: No.
CR: What are these?
me: cookies.
CR: Will I like them?
me: No. (I kid...)


lindsay said...

Maybe his smell is back?

The purple one I would treat as a skinny regular kind but the white one? No idea. Maybe it's just an albino one.

Ok I googled it real quick - whites are more tender, denser, creamier, and less bitter. They have more seeds and the skin is tougher - must be peeled. That doesn't really help me anyway but maybe it helped you.

Jennifer said...

Is it bad that the cookies look just as good as the healthy veggies? Maybe it's because I just had my long run but damn, those cookies look scrumptious and I never eat cookies! Great job on the run and keeping to the plan. I have never tried running to a book on my iPod, maybe need to try it. Cheers!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I keep hearing everyone talk about that book. I even checked it out at the library, but it is a THICK book, and I am not a reader unless is running or diet related. Ok so I'm an idiot about the ipod and books, do you buy the book on I-tunes like music or what?

Jennifer (the running artist) and I are about 1.5 south of Jackson.

Dang girl - no more cookie pics, they look delicious.

Amanda said...

Awesome job on the 12 miles. Listening to a book on a run is not a cop out - it's smart if you enjoy it and it makes the miles fly by :)!