Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Races for Friday...

Run with Jill had a post today with her Bucket List of races to do someday. The post got me to thinking about races I would like to do in the not to distant future. I quickly realized my "bucket list" is not much of a stretch. I guess I don't dream BIG. Stretch goals... not really my thing. I guess I like the idea of my dreams being within reach. LOL. My top races I would like to do at some point are all within 6 to 8 hours of my house. Truth be told, if my financial house were a little tidier I probably would have done them already.

My local bucket list...

1. 70.3 Augusta. I would be completely satisfied with a 70.3. An ironman? Not going to happen for me. Really.

2. Iron Girl 15k, Clearwater FL. The distance is far enough to be worth the drive, oh and, there is a beach.

3. Women's Running Half Marathon, St. Petersburg FL. Noticing a trend here? Same reasons as above but also like the tote bag designed for the race. I think they give crocs too. I don't even like crocs but it makes the race enticing. It is a sickness...

4. Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. I love to eat. I love to run. It just makes sense. What is cooler than a half marathon that starts at 10:00 PM? I almost hit the registration button several times on this one before it sold out.

5. Virginia Beach Rock N Roll. Another Beach half marathon. Enough said. Next year, the RnR is coming to Savannah. I DEFINITELY will be signing up. I heart Savannah! (No offense, VA Beach!).

AND... if we are going to push the envelope, dream a little bigger and travel a little further, these would be my races:

1. London Marathon. I am obsessed with London and England in general. Sadly, I doubt that I will ever get there.

2. Marine Corps Marathon. Washington DC. It would just be cool to run past the monuments. Never been there either. Must.go.soon.

3. NYC Marathon. I would love to see NYC on foot. The crowd support, the city, all would be awesome!

4. Leading Ladies Marathon. Spearfish, South Dakota. This one just sounds cool. I have heard some great things about it and the scenery, well... awesome!

5. Big Sur Marathon. For the scenery. Breathtaking!

Someday, someday I will check these off my list! Which ones are on your list?

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aron said...

big sur should be on everyones list!!! :)

have a great weekend!

San said...

New Zealand, Hawaii, Roth when it comes to Ironman distance.

Boston, Tokyo, Sydney, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, when it comes to Marathon.

If you like GB you should go there! Open an account solely for your GB trip and pay a fixed amount every month and you will be abled to go there. I've been to Hawaii 1 1/2 year ago and I still can't believe I watched a sunset standing between the telescopes on Mauna Kea. It was worth it, I had a blast. And if I can do it, you can do it too.

Have a great weekend.

P said...

Marine Corps is on my list, too and *maybe* a 70.3 (but I'm not sure if that's in the cards for a non-swimmer like me). I think it would be fun to do a "50 races in 50 states" challenge.
I like that your list is practical, dreams should definitely be achievable!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Nice list! Hope you get the chance to run those races.

I ran Big Sur in April and it was gorgeous! I was surprised that my toes started hurting on the downhills and I wished for uphills, though!

Jill said...

I've never heard of the Leading Ladies Marathon - but I think that's now on my list :). Thanks for your list...and linking them to boot (I was way too lazy - ha). If I could ever afford a road bike vs my heavy mountain bike, I'd love to do a tri...but I know biking is my nemesis. Have a great weekend!!

Jennifer said...

Great list! NYC and Big Sur are on mine too, but I am still adding and refining...

Amanda said...

Probably won't ever be any Tri's in my future, but who knows.

I love Iron Girl Events. I think I might do the 10 miler this year in Tempe. I've done their 5K several times and it's a lot of fun!

I'm also doing the Women's Half Marathon in Scottsdale this year. Like you I just think it'll be a fun race and the goody bags and medals are great!

I am going to the Wine & Dine this year and can't wait to see how I do with a night time half - could be quite interesting!

I am doing my bucketlist race this January as I take on the Goofy Challenge. Right now that's the only one on my list...I may add more, but for now that's it :)!

lindsay said...

ohh race swag totally convinces me to sign up most of the time :) why else would i do the goofy?

i can't believe 1.5 yrs ago i was considering doing the 70.3 augusta. have i ever done a tri? no. lol.