Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My July Staycation...

So since it has only been a month since my vacation, I might as well go ahead and post my pics, right? As I may have mentioned, the week I took in July was just a stay at home type deal but enjoyed it just the same. The most exciting event of the week was the Ladies Day tennis event I attended at the Atlanta Tennis Championships.

Basically you paid $30 to attend a tennis clinic and luncheon. The clinic was just OK. They had tons of ladies there so it probably the best they could do given the numbers of players. The best part was post-lunch. Most of the ladies vacated the premises but my friend and I decided to check out the practices and got to see several top players in action - very exciting!

Some pics from the day...

They had several items in a silent auction. This was one of the items, John Isner's shoe from the French Open.

A racquet made of chocolate.

We caught a few minutes of Robby Ginepri practicing as we were leaving.

We were VIPs for the day :)

Me and Leyton Hewitt.

Me and John Isner. For you non tennis types, he is the one who played that 3-day match at Wimbledon. I am not standing in a hole, he is not standing on a step. He is that tall. To give you some idea, I am 5'5". WOW.

John Isner. We got to see a lot of his practice session. THere were maybe 10 other people in the stands.

We were THAT close. My friend, Joan, is giving coaching tips to him (or not).

At the luncheon.

More of John Isner.


Jennifer said...

Looks like great fun. I like the chocolate racket! And holy cow that boy is tall! Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

Looks like a pretty great day...

How fun to see some pros practicing...Awesome.

lindsay said...

He is crazy tall!! Wow. Too bad the clinic wasn't great, but seeing some pros makes up for that in my book.

Krissy said...

That looks like a blast! I got to meet Isner a couple of weeks ago while he was in DC for the Legg Mason. And I'm only 5' 2", I looked like a little kid next to him.