Friday, June 14, 2013

IM Louisville Training Week 13...

Last week was supposed to be the recovery week but honestly this week felt more like recovery to me.  Who knows.  I just do what I am told.  Unless I decide to switch plans.  Which I did.

I can't remember who but someone had mentioned that they got a little bored with the Matt Fitzgerald plan.  I got bored with the swim workouts which may be me and not Mr. Fitzgerald.  Just sayin.  I am a fan of workouts that include all four strokes.  While you don't swim all four in a triathlon (usually...), I think it makes me a stronger swimmer if you incorporate all four into your workouts.  You know, using different muscles and all that...  So it was a combination of the swim workouts and the having to flip back and forth in the book to figure out your workouts that made me decide I needed to go back to my tried and true Tri Fuel plan.  I have used it twice now and LOVE it.  I will be eternally grateful to Carolina John for introducing it to me two years ago.  (at least I think it was him...)

Week 13

Rest Day.

Swim (AM)  2700 meters.  
Run (AM)  5 miles. 

Swim (AM)  3000 meters
Run (PM)  3.5 miles  Speed work!
Crossfit (PM)  Snatches and Jerks.  Not my favorite.  I will add it to the list of things to work on.  In other news, I kicked up into a handstand hold today!  woot!

Bike (AM)  18 miles 
Crossfit (PM)  

Tennis:  City Finals!  We lost.  Whomp, whomp.  As my friend Keith says, sad trombone.  

Run:  13 Miles.  The most disjointed run ever.  I started off running 5 miles with my running group.  I wasn't feeling that great so I made the executive decision to take on another 8 on my side of town.  I passed another park on the way home and decided to try and bust it out there.  Still not feeling it so after 3 miles, I packed it in only to tack on another 5 miles an hour later at Stone Mountain Park.  Crazy.  This week will be all 15 miles in one place :)

Bike:  54 Miles.  I actually busted this out in 3 hours on the trainer.  I had a workout, some good TV and made it happen.  Surprisingly not bad!

On tap this weekend is the Jackson County Brevet Century Ride and a 16 mile run.  Hope you guys have a great weekend!


B.o.B. said...

Aw man! Sad trombone indeed.

BIG weeks for you lady. You the woman!

That Pink Girl said...

Sometimes the trainer is the answer. Strong work!!!

ajh said...

54 miles on the trainer. Wow!

Jenn ( said...

Another century!!! You are a machine!! 3.5hrs is my trainer max thus far back in March.....Our heat index has been 110F all week... I'm thinking I may break my record before summer is out!

Matthew Smith said...

Every time I read your blog, it makes me feel unprepared and like you are doing more than me. I'm scared! Those runs are so killer! I'm sure your riding your century right now, so enjoy the rest and recovery!