Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IM Louisville Training Week 12

...and so it continues...   This was supposed to be a recovery week according to the plan but I didn't see much cutting back on the actual schedule.  Maybe the person who wrote the plan and I have different ideas of recovery :)

Week 12

Rest Day.   (Are you seeing a pattern here?  I am off work on Mondays and CR is too so I don't like to schedule anything workout-wise on Mondays)

Swim (AM)  2000 meters.  

Bike (AM)  18 miles.  I love using the SPIN studio at my gym in the mornings.  It is nice to kind of do your own thing.  Today a guy came in there and started singing along to his ipod.  Out loud.  Doubly funny because when he came in he said isn't it nice to be in here when it is quiet.  Yes.  Yes it is.

Swim (AM)  2600 meters
Run (PM)  3.3 miles  Hill repeats

Bike (AM)  18 miles (this was a brick with the run)
Run (AM)  3.3 miles
Crossfit (PM)  

Swim:  2200 meters.  Straight 2000 swim with a 200 cool down.  
Crossfit (PM)

Bike:  100 miles.   Women to the World Century.  This ride was out in Athens and was the smallest ride I have done.  I think there were about 15 people riding the 100 mile route.  It was also the first day I really felt the heat on the bike.  I got to test out my arm coolers which I really liked.  They are OK when they are dry but when they are wet, you can really feel a cooling sensation.  (like a york peppermint patty...).  The course was really nice and the volunteers and staff were great too.  The only thing odd about the ride was the aid stations were oddly spaced apart and we never knew when the next one would be.  I am a little OCD in that I like to know what miles to expect stops for water, etc.   These stops were like mile 5, 38, 52, 58, 81 and 94.  Odd.   

I don't know if it was the aid station stops or what but I was also off on my nutrition.  I have been trying a new product called UCAN and it just did not appeal to me in the heat so I may have to keep testing things out.  It worked great on the previous century but not this time around.  I have some Humagels that I really like (and will tell you about later....) but will probably work them in the rotation.  By the time we got to an aid station at mile 81ish, I chowed down on a strawberry poptart.   Since I haven't really been doing sugar it was like a gateway for all things junk.  It was exactly what I needed at that moment but seemed to open the door for me to eat like a junk food junkie for the next several days.  Still trying to reign it in :)  

when in Athens, how could you not?
Interestingly enough, this ride did not have any mountains to climb but actually had almost the same amount of climbing according to the Garmin (around 4200 feet).  Might explain why my legs were beat after this one!  

Took a rest day.  I was supposed to run according to the schedule but had some things planned that didn't involve exercise for the day so took the liberty of resting!


Michael said...

Another great training week!

I am totally like you it seems like all I need to do is have one little sugary item and its starts a serious pattern.

Keep up the great work!

Matthew Smith said...

That rest week still looked like a lot of solid work. Way to get your swimming in. I definitely am way behind you there! What weird SAG stops on your century! I'm like you and really am OCD about when I'm taking nutrition!

Keep up the good work!

ajh said...

Love the comment from the guy about the quiet!

Jenn ( said...

I'm so impressed with all the 100 milers you've gotten done so far this season!! I can't wait to see how it pays off for you in KY!!

B.o.B. said...

Tell me about these humagels lady. Also, what was the dude singing? I use to run on the treadmill a lot and I always got stuck next to a guy singing showtunes. Although, he was fabulous. ;)

Jessica B. said...

Hmm the future hubs and I have Mondays off too. I want to transition to making it on "off" day. I'll have to work that one out.

Great workouts!

That Pink Girl said...

I LOVE Monday rest days and boy howdy, you earned it!
Also? Totally crushing on your adorable pink jersey!