Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three Things Thursday...

1.  First things first - the giveaway!   Congrats to Suz of Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between, you have yourself a $25 gift card to Kroger.  Check your email...  :)

2.  Crossfit!  Today was my first day this week at Crossfit.  My plan is to go every Tuesday and Thursday.  Here is the story on Tuesday...  I made the mistake of checking their website to see what the workout would be that day.  Tuesday it was a partner workout which wouldn't be bad except that it involved double unders (think jumping rope but passing the rope under you twice each jump).  So here is the thing.  I can barely regular jump rope.  Somehow I missed that skill set growing up.  I do this weird double jump thing every time.  I need to practice this but who has the time... Maybe after Louisville.  For now I avoid any workouts that involve the dreaded rope. :)

Today there was no jump roping to be seen so I headed in for the workout.  It was one of those workouts that was so exhausting but so good.  One of the things I love about crossfit.  

The workout was the Admiral and consisted of 3 rounds of the following for time:

20 burpee pull ups (do a burpee, do a pull up, 20x)
20 front squats (my bar was 55#)
20 box jump (I used the 20" box)

I managed to bust it all out in 18:47 and was pouring sweat all over the place.  No joke, it was like someone poured a water bottle over my head.  It always amazes me how hard you can push yourself in these sets and feel completely spent after only 18 minutes.  The gym isn't air conditioned either so I look at this as an added bonus of heat training for Louisville :)   

3.  Summer Veggies!  I have been using a company called Nature's Garden Delivered for veggies this year.  They have a good variety and let you sub out veggies that you don't want for other options which is nice.  We get out box on Tuesdays and has become my favorite part of the day coming home and checking out my treats!  CR and I don't eat corn all that much anymore but they included two fresh ears in our box this week. I ended up cutting it off of the cob and sauteing it for about 10 minutes with a splash of water, some chopped onion, bacon and a dab of butter.  It was so, so good!

Hope you guys have a good weekend!  I have a century ride in Athens on Saturday.  I might have to try out my new arm coolers - the weather is looking pretty toasty!


Matthew Smith said...

That veggie box sounds awesome! I'd love to have a garden, but it didn't happen this year.

Nice work with the crossfit. I haven't done too much of that, but it sounds exhausting! I don't know if I'd have energy to do my actual SBR training. Keep up the good work!

Colleen said...

I just told Tom that I might look into crossfit in the fall. I'm so pathetically weak though that I'd probably look at all the workouts and skip. :)

Yay for the veggies. Sounds like an awesome plan! And that corn sounds amazing...

Have fun on Saturday and drink lots!

lindsay said...

with Google reader going away i have switched to feedly and am having a TIME trying to comment via the iphone app... grr.

anyway, here i am forever late. :) i am glad you are enjoying CF!