Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IM Louisville Training Week 10

It seems funny to call it week 10 since I feel like I just started but .... to be fair, I was training all through the winter so it isn't like I just jumped on this train to Louisville without any base training.  My training plan is 24 weeks so I have 14 weeks to go until IM LOU!  In the past two years, it always helped me to see what others were doing in their training, especially if they were doing the same race or races around the same time.  Training plans can vary greatly from person to person; however, it always gives me some reassurance if I am doing similar distances as others so I thought I would put mine out there for the world to see.

This year I am trying to work more on biking, so my planned mileage for my long rides is a lot higher than it probably normally would be at this point in training.  Biking is by far my weakest link so I am going to try to give it more focus this time around.  My first two iron distance races, I did two 100 mile rides going into the race.  This time around, I have at least 8 on the schedule and may end up with as many as 10 before it is all said and done.  

Week 10

Rest Day.

Swim (AM)  2850 meters.  The outdoor pool was open and it was fantastic!
Bike (PM)  18 miles
Crossfit (PM)  I am going to try and keep this in the plan for a while longer but cut back to 2x a week

Swim (AM)  3000 meters
Run (PM)  4 miles - Hill repeats

Bike (AM)  18 miles
Crossfit (PM)
Run (PM)  3.5 miles

Bike:  18 miles

Run:  12.5 miles.
This was a little disjointed as I did 3.5 miles of hill repeats with my running group and then did the final 9 on my own.  Mentally it doesn't feel the same when I run like that as there was a little break in between so am going to try and get a solid (unbroken) long run in this weekend).  Side note - had I realized there were hill repeats planned, I probably would have just done a regular run on Wednesday.  Lesson learned...

Bike:  66.6 miles.
This was actually a century ride that was cut short due to a storm in the area.  I rode with my friend Meredith - you can read her recap HERE.  Someone was watching over us because the minute we pulled into the rest stop, we were almost blown over by a wind gust and an official announced the ride was being shut down.  We loaded our bikes in a u-haul for transport back to the start and we hopped in a volunteer's car for the hour drive back.  (Trusting of course that we would be reunited with our bikes at some point...).  I did get to use some cross fitting skills as I helped load water into the U-haul before they took off back to the start so all that strength training paid off this day.  :)




ajh said...

8 to 10 100 miles rides sounds unreal. More power to you! I just want to do one! Good luck.

Mike said...

Please do share your weekly workouts. I hope to do a full IM someday and would love to follow along.

Michael said...

Holy smokes - 8 to 10 100 milers!! Wow! I've never even done one! Good luck with your training, sounds like you will be more than prepared!!

Matthew Smith said...

Oh my word! I need to step up my mileage on the bike! You're killing it out there! Way to be!