Wednesday, May 29, 2013

IM Louisville Training Week 11

IM Louisville Training Week 11

Here we go!  This week seemed harder than the previous one.  Maybe harder is the wrong word but I felt more tired this week than I did before.  There is a recovery week on the horizon .... whew :)

Week 11

Rest Day.

Swim (AM)  2850 meters.  

Bike (PM)  20 miles.  I got the IM LOU preview ride on DVD that was put together by Troy Jacobson.  I did the first 20 miles of it and really enjoyed it.  Next best thing to being there, I suppose.  You can see the course and he gives all kinds of tips along the way.  

Crossfit (PM)  This was a tough one.  The gym is not air conditioned and it has FINALLY started to warm up around here.  Not complaining about the cooler temps but it was very odd to have such a cool May.

Swim (AM)  3300 meters

I was supposed to do a PM run today but dropped it because I knew tomorrow was going to be a heavy day because I added a biking session in there to work on my skills.  :)

Bike (AM)  18 miles (this was a brick with the run)

Run (AM)  3.25 miles

Crossfit (AM)  100 pushups, 100 squats

Bike (PM) Did a pedaling technique session with a coach.  He put the bike on the trainer and then we went through drills for an hour.  He said "this isn't a spin class" when I brought a sweat towel out but I was dripping sweat by the end.  Glad I had the towel :)  

Swim:  2200 meters.  Most of my other swim workouts are sets.  (i.e. 5x200, drills, kicking, pulling, that sort of thing).  This was a straight 2000 swim with a 200 cool down.  Not as mind numbingly boring as I thought it would be!

Run:  13 miles.   Ran this out at Stone Mountain.  It was crowded out there!

Bike:  100 miles.  This was the Challenge of the Centuries ride, you can read the specifics HERE.  


Jenn ( said...

"This isn't a spin class"
heh! heh!
I keep meaning to start my IMFL weekly countdown....
Suppose to rain today so maybe...

Colleen said...

Tough week! That rest week will be a good welcomed thing! :)

Carolina John said...

That's a really solid long effort! if your endurance is built up to 100 mile bike rides already, then you will really put up a fast split on race day. have fun out there.

Matthew Smith said...

Karen, you are absolutely killing it with your training! Since you're already an Ironman, it makes me feel like I need to step up my training. Way to go!

P.S. That seat was INCREDIBLE on my 55 miler yesterday. Thanks again!!!!!