Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three Things Thursday...

I had a fun mail day today!  Ever have one of those?  You go to the box and there are things in there that make you smile?  Today was one of those days.  I got lucky as there were THREE things in there that made me smile which never happens.  It also made me smile that the mailbox has not yet fallen off its post.  Our mailman (delivery person, whatever) tried to shove a huge package in the box that didn't fit and ripped the box off its nails a few weeks back.  It currently is just perched on top of a board.  One serious wind could send it flying.  Air Mail.  Ha ha....

Sooooo....  today in the mail, interestingly enough, they all start with the letter P.  So maybe it is "P" Things Thursday.  :)

1.  My MUCH ANTICIPATED Power, Pedals and Ponytails Bike Jersey!  Perfect timing since I have a century ride on Saturday and Dani and Kacie start their race on Saturday.  I love it!  (in case you missed the story of Dani and Kacie, check it out HERE).


   2.  Picky Bars.  On my quest to figure out what I want to eat for IM Louisville, I came across these bars.  Of course, when I got home from Crossfit I was starving so I ripped into the box and tried one out.  Oh so good!  Definitely tastier than the bonk breaker cars I went with for the last race.  They are not as large as a bonk breaker but have ~ 200 calories per bar which should work nicely.  I will be munching on a combination of these and humagels this weekend!

3.  My Peachtree Road Race Number!  It is big excitement when the numbers get mailed out for this race. It is not only a Fourth of July tradition but with 60,000 runners it is the world's largest 10k.  I will actually cross the finish line and be on my way home before everyone even starts the race.  Not that I am "all that" but my start time is 7:35.  The last corral goes off at 9:05.  That is A LOT of runners!

Hope you guys had a great Thursday!  



ajh said...

What fun to get great stuff in the mail. Maybe I need to do some on line shopping. I have had nothing fun in a long time!

Matthew Smith said...

That IS a good mail day! I had a good mail day too with 2 goodies inside, although none were as cool as yours. I hope your mailbox held up during the storms that ripped through here.

Good luck on your century this weekend!

Kate Geisen said...

I love those kits. Wish I'd had a few extra dollars; if so, I'd have a cute new pink kit too. I'll just admire yours. :)

Great, first the huma gel and now new bars I'm going to have to try. Wait, that IS great. I'm so glad I have you here to do the research! :)

Have fun this weekend!