Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking it Off Road...

Alternately titled "Do I need Trail Running Shoes?". The North Face Endurance Challenge series is making a stop in the Atlanta area next month and I am taking on the challenge of the 10k! Baby stepping my way in to the world of trail running (that and hoping I don't hurt anything 2 weeks before Beach 2 Battleship...)

The race distances include everything from a 5k on up to a 50 miler with varying race goodies depending on your distance. I really was coveting the arm warmers that come with the half marathon distance but logic prevailed and I decided to stick with the more sensible 10k option.

Check out their cool promo video. Makes you want to get out there and give it a try, doesn't it?

If you are in the Atlanta area or are looking for a Fall trail race, check it out HERE online. The race is being held at F D Roosevelt State Park in Pine Mountain which is about an hour south of Atlanta on October 15-16.

5k • 10k • Half Marathon • 50k
Gore-Tex 50 Mile • Kid's Run
Marathon • Marathon Relay

Saturday & Sunday, October 15-16, 2011
F. D. Roosevelt State Park, Liberty Pool Area

Start/Finish Location
F. D. Roosevelt State Park
Liberty Pool Area
Highway 354
Pine Mountain, GA 31822


Kate said...

That sounds awesome! And I'm much happier running trails in my trail shoes than the regular ones. Good luck!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I do love me some trail running. I have also busted my tail on them. Watch those gnarly roots and ruts. If you do bust your butt it isn't nearly as painful as on asphalt so usually it's get up, dust yourself off and keep running. That should be lots of fun!
We have one of the Xterra branded trail runs here and it is super technical. I have done a half marathon on that course and it was crazy!
My favorite part about trail run is that you don't have a clock at every mile to dwell on. Much more fun that way i say.

Michael said...

I just did this race yesterday in Kansas City. The 10K. In KC it's a road race though since there aren't many trails. It's the only RR in their series. It was a great event and well organized. Enjoy! said...

Oh, that looks cool! I've never actually done non-paved trail running, but I want to try it! I feel like trail running shoes would be a good idea because I'm so clumsy, but I have no idea.

ajh said...

Thanks for asking how we are doing in Vermont. We are pretty lucky around here but all did not fare so well. It's hard to believe how quickly things change.

Amanda said...

Hope you have fun with this one and stay safe :)!

Ewa said...

Trail running is highly addictive. The only reason I don't do it more often is because I have to drive to the nearest trail, while the pavement is right outside my door.
And yes, having trail running shoes helps when grip matters.
You will have loads of fun.

Carolina John said...

That's the tough part. Trails have roots and sharp rocks and plenty of places to twist an ankle. BE CAREFUL out there.

Do you ever read the Georgia Snail? He's an atlanta trail runner and good friend of mine. We're talking about doing a trail ultra together next year. He's done a bunch.

That Pink Girl said...

I'm just getting in to trail running too. Looking for my first pair of trail running shoes. Ive done all my trail running in an old pair of Mizunos up to this point & I've been fine. Hard to know where to start as they aren't as plentiful around here as road shoes!
Good luck - you're gonna love it!