Saturday, June 14, 2008

days of rest

The last two days have been days of rest. Beginning tomorrow I have to get back on the program! The plan is to get up early and do 9 miles at Stone Mountain before my tennis match at 1:30.

Last night, a couple of friends and I went to see Mamma Mia! at the Fox. It was a cute show, funny, lots of songs you know by ABBA (or might know depending on your age group). Before the show, we ate at Silk Restaurant on Peachtree. We had eaten there one other time and it was pretty decent. Not as great this time for some reason (maybe because our server didn't give us free lobster bisque... maybe, not sure...) They have a pre-theater menu that is reasonable and the food is not what you would get every day. I thought I would do something out of my comfort zone and get sushi. I have had california rolls and enjoy them, it was the "chef's choice" that was questionable. As it turns out, perhaps I should have stayed in my comfort zone. HA HA. The salad, spring rolls and berry mojito were all good :)

Side note, I had the best lunch hour yesterday. I went to downtown Lawrenceville and parked on the square. I walked a couple of blocks to the post office, walked a few blocks the other way to Fleet Feet and then picked up a Sicilian Salad at Dominick's. I don't know why but it felt so peaceful. Very small townish; the perfect break from work. I highly recommend it.

While I was at Fleet Feet, I got a cool mileage gadget. It is a Nike Plus foot pod that will gives you a readout of pace and mileage on a armband you wear. I am looking forward to trying it out! Must charge it now... add that to my list of things to charge every night! Phone, ipod knockoff, footpod thingy.

My main purpose in going to Fleet Feet was for a fuel belt. After the sales guy pointed out all the pros and cons of what they had, I bought the least nerdly one I could find. (He didn't recommend the Camelbak because you basically wear it like a pouch on your back and that in and of itself can make you hot. This sweaty head needed to hear no more... point me to the belts!) The one I got is called an amphipod and has 4 bottles that can be arranged however suits your needs. You can also remove bottles if you find you need less than 4. If you see me running with it, you may pretend you don't know me but be assured that I will be fully hydrated on my 10+ mile days in July and August. There is also a pouch for keys and gel packs.

Today, I worked on a much needed house cleaning. Several loads of laundry, dishes and .... wii installation! The wii is big fun :) I really didn't get to play with Wii Fit that long but did play SEVERAL games of Wii tennis. How does the computer know I have no backhand? Freaky. I also tried Wii golf, baseball and headbutting soccer balls. The headbutting thing is kind of hard, I am sure I look hilarious playing it. Next on the schedule for tonight: watch Top Chef finale on tivo!

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