Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got nothin...

No workouts, nothing... The foot is getting on my freaking nerves. It probably hurts more today than it has in a while. Right now, it really feels more like my ankle and kind of shooting up to my knee. BIG SIGH. I opted not to swim tody just to rest. Might not swim tomorrow either. Not sure what to do other than just sit and take a load off. Odd that it is hurting more now than it did initially. I guess the rest and then diving back into running and then back to rest didn't help it.

On the sunny side, my younger sister got a house in Loganville which is about 15 miles away. Pretty cool to have her back from Florida and in shouting distance!

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LoganvilleBlog said...

You might enjoy the site SparkPeople. It's free, and you can log your running/sports time on it. It's a great way of finding supportive people who share your fitness interests.