Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweat proof your hair...

or alternatively titled, "You cannot be serious..."

An article from the latest issue of Instyle gives tips on how to hit the gym without ruining your blow out. A few simple steps and your hair is good as new post-workout. Ummm, sure. "Place a headband beneath your hairline, flip hair upside down, twist and coil hair into a bun then anchor with bobby pins and secure with a soft scrunchie. Afterward, shake out hair and use the cool setting on your hair dryer to blast away perspiration."

I think one of my friends uses this when she cuts the grass only she uses a doo-rag and a sweatband. I am pretty sure she does not get the same results. I'll have to let her know she needs a scrunchie instead. Seriously, who sweats so little during a workout that they could simply pull the sweatband from their hair, give it a shake and go on about their day? Maybe it is dryer on the cool setting that I have been missing. Had I known, I could have skipped taking a shower altogether. Not.


Marcy said...


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

That is too funny. I sweat so much like a pig that I have to shower after a workout! My hair is like an oil slick.

LOVE the new Header Pic you put in, Karen. That is a gorgeous shot.