Thursday, September 18, 2008

still doing nothing...

I guess this is how the other half lives. It is so odd not having any activities after work these days. I am trying my best not to go mental! Are we tired of hearing about my foot yet? Me too! I will say it is a strange injury. One day it feels fine and I think I am on the road to recovery and the next it hurts again. Go figure. I did borrow Rick's bone activator from his broken leg to see if I can get this healing process moving along. I figure it can't hurt... I go see my doctor on Tuesday. We'll see what he thinks about things. I don't have a good feeling.

Side note, I have discovered that they could package just about anything in a "100 calorie" bundle and I would buy it. My all time favorite right now are Brach's gummy bears in the 100 calorie packet. Cheez-its, lorna doones, nuts, you name it, as long as it says 100 calories on the label, it is the best thing ever. Yes, I am their target consumer. Yes, I know I could just portion out the regular kind out of a bag or box and put them in little baggies and make my own 100 calories packs for half the price but.... They could package celery in a 100 calorie bag and I would not be able to get enough. Sad but true.

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Holly said...

My problem is not eating the entire box of these cute little 100 calorie treats. I'm almost positive that defeats the purpose.