Sunday, January 4, 2009

And the gifts start rolling in....

I would like to publicly thank Hanes Outlet for my generous birthday gift. I received an e-mail from them last week. To "celebrate my birthday, they are giving me $1.99 shipping". Ummmmmmm, thanks Hanes. Don't spoil me. I have been wanting to get RW a nice 3 pack of tees. Or not. Aveda, on the other hand, sent me a card for a free full size purefume something or other with no strings attached. Now there is an offer I can get into.

Now that I am in full on taper mode for Disney, I am starting to think beyond Disney to Augusta. I found a training plan online that I think will work for me. (Thanks, Sarah for the recommendation to check out Beginner Triathlete!). I had been to the site many times before but it never occured to me that they had training plans. I usually just use my great google skills to find anything. I had seen several plans that you had to buy but I think for my first one, this one will do just fine and the price is right. The plan I found is 20 weeks so sometime in May I should kick into full gear which means I will really have to limit myself to almost nothing but the training. I decided yesterday to cut even further back on tennis. I am down to being an occasional player on one team now (quite the cutback since at the height of the tennis frenzy there were 8 leagues going on at one time for me!). I don't miss it much now but don't want to get out of it completely so might try to work in a once-in-awhile match just to keep the skills up.

So... to revisit the goals for the year:
1. Nutrition. Lets just say that has already been a problem. I am going to wait until after bday to get on the wagon.

2. Being social. Nothing new to report. I have two meetups in Disney planned. One with a couple of friends, the other with a group I really don't know as well (I met one of the ladies through LFT - they are a TNT group so am kind of wondering if they are trying to recruit me - clearly they don't know how bad I am at fundraising). I also am thinking of going to Big Peach on Tuesday for the Saucony run event. There are giveaways!

Lastly, to give every one a little bit of hope, check out this story: Man's Last Lotto Ticket Wins $10M for Widow

Off to make soup...


Kevin said...

Only one week left to the big day. You must be excited.

The plan I did last year for my half was 20 wks. I dont know if you bought the plan yet already or not, but there is a great book put out by Triathlete magazine that has about 9 or so levels of training plans for each distance. I started using it last year and it is a great assett

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Happy birthday, Karen! I need to stay current on my favorite blogs! You have good, attainable goals for the year and you'll meet them. By the way, calories don't count on your birthday. ;-)