Thursday, January 1, 2009

GOALS. There I said it...

I have some for the year. I had planned on doing some big monumental discussion of them but that ain't gonna happen so the brief rundown is this (and I really only have a couple at this point...)

1. Nutrition. It could be better. It needs to be better. Mostly, making better snacking choices. Less sugar in my diet. Don't get me wrong, there will still be sugar in my diet just less of it.

2. Participating in groups. Mostly for running, triathlon, etc. I tend to be a loner in certain aspects and I want to work on doing more things with people. I am not really into just hanging out and conversating because I am an introvert (thus the need to force myself into group situations - a conundrum to be sure..) but working out as a group and having a shared experience at these races would be great!

3. There was a third and maybe even a fourth, can't remember it right now. We can talk about them later, I know it is written down in my notebook....

Of course, I have other goals things I plan on achieving like the marathon then the Ironman 70.3. These are more internal goals or lifestyle changes.

I started off the year working on one of the goals. I went out for a New Year's Day run with Peachtree Tri Club at Piedmont Park. Loved it. Met lots of nice people and got a run in at the same time. Sadly, I have lived in Atlanta for oh, 39.9 years now, and think that might have been the first time I can recall going to Piedmont Park. True story. It is adjacent to the Atlanta Botanical Garden that had the bridge collapse a couple weeks back. I think I went there once in elementary school. Must try to go back there too at some point. Funny how there are so many things in the city you just forget about going to see. You get so wrapped up in your own area of town.

I hope everyone had a good start to the new year! Let the countdown to Disney begin. 10 days!


Sarah said...

Have a blast at Disney! I know it will be fun. I think Wes did the marathon last year! (

Kevin said...

Its funny, I am pretty much an introvert until you get me takling triathlon.

Have a great race at disney and a fantastic 2009