Friday, January 2, 2009

Nine days!

Nine days from now I will have run my first marathon! Can you note the excitement? Are you sick of this yet? Will you be sick of this in oh, I don't know, 9 days???? I promise if I do another one, I won't put you through the daily countdown ;)

Lately, I have not had anything particularly profound to say and I guess today is not different. (Note that I assume at some point, I must have written something halfway profound on this blog...). It seems that every blogger has goals. We are a bunch of overachievers in my estimation although my goals seem lame in comparison. One blogger's goal was to run 25 marathons this year. WOW. I have no words fot that one... Others want to get faster, do longer distance races, that sort of thing. I guess you never really reach the pinnacle of where you think you should be or so it seems.

For me, I didn't do all that great with my goal of nutrition today but we can call it a work in progress. Perhaps starting on a Monday or post-birthday would be better! (There I go making excuses already...) I did avoid all candy today which is difficult seeing as my candy dish is the office go-to for snacks. My friend, Tahreesa, gave me an article on how having a candy dish is supposed to get you better raises, promotions, etc. I am not sure if it is working out that way but I do certainly have more visitors. I was more conscious of what I was eating today even I didn't make great choices. I will do better after my birthday season is over on the 17th (or thereabouts)!

Boot camp as usual this morning. Still LOVING it. I am debating on whether to get back to Swim Atlanta on Tues/Thurs for masters swim team. RW is having an employment crisis of sorts right now so I am trying to cut back. He has been self employed for quite some time now; however, it was in the auto industry which basically has dwindled to nothing. He got into a partnership with another guy to start a new business but the start up capital just became entangled in the housing market and is now unavailable. SIGH. He is in the process of coming up with plan B (or would that be C?). Yes, I know, I can do my own swim workout but it really was nice doing it with others. I probably just need to hold off on doing it until we see what happens... I did cut my Disney vacation down by a day in an effort to save so I am trying :)

I did buy myself one very inexpensive gift today. I got a Road ID anklet so if my body does collapse from the sheer exhaustion of running more miles than God intended, someone will know who to call. I have listed my home, RW and Dad as contacts so one of you better not be screening calls :)

On tap for the weekend: Getting a quick 8-mile run in before tennis at 1:00 tomorrow! ("quick 8-miles" - ha... who would have thought that phrase might creep in my vocabulary?). Tennis will be followed by studying (I mean it this time...) and then my 2nd birthday party of the season Sunday @ 6:30 with Dad and Sis.


Kevin said...

I can feel your excitement. You will have a great race. Enjoy tennis tomorrow.

Sara Cox Landolt said...

linked onto your blog today and enjoyed your post. I've got to get a road ID thing. I put my name/# on some duct tape on my bike helmet, but.. I should get the id.
Thanks for the reminder!