Thursday, January 29, 2009

and on the 18th day....

Today is officially the 18th day of rest post marathon. Sad and pathetic. I originally intended to take a week off. Legitimately, that is what the plans say to do. Something about avoiding injury and giving yourself time to rest. I bought that...and then some. I don't know what happened but here I am EIGHTEEN days later and still have not gotten back on the wagon. Alright, I might have a foothold on the tailgate but am still dragging a leg on the trail before I jump back on board. Well, all that ends tomorrow! (or as soon as I finish off the last piece of coconut cake!) Ha Ha. No really.

I actually have been to boot camp a time or three but haven't really felt like I was back on track if you know what I mean. Up until the 11th I had deadlines, I had things that HAD to be done or risk the perils of not finishing a marathon. Now I got nothing. Well, nothing on the immediate horizon anyhow.

I am part of this test group at Lifetime that I mentioned. The group kicks off Monday and I am uber excited! I still am not sure what all is involved. The premise is to prove that the whole thoery of training in certain heart rate zones which actually give you more endurance and help you reach your goals faster than trolling in zone 1 the whole time or killing yourself in zones 4 and 5. My favorite part is having some accountability for the nutrition part of this whole fitness puzzle. During the marathon training, I fell into the trap of thinking I could eat whatever and whenever and yeah I didn't gain weight but I didn't lose any either and certainly can't keep eating like that when I am not running 30 miles a week. So it is all about balance. Anyhow, I heard it takes 28 days to make a habit. This test group lasts eight weeks. I am hoping I come out the other end with better eating habits. Cross your fingers!

Today was something they call Riskpoint. I called it a nurse poking me with a needle and stealing three vials of blood then asking me to step on a scale WITH MY SHOES ON (that B!). I am knocking off 2 pounds from the number I saw for the shoes by the way.... It seems pretty cool. Yeah, OK, it is a bloodtest. Nothing special but they will give you results on cholesterol, HDL, LDL, c-reactive proteins, thyroid, etc... all good to know. So far so good! I will dazzle you with all that info when I get it!

Sunday the group is doing Caloriepoint and Cardiopoint testing. Basically, that will give you what your resting metabolism rate is so you can figure out calorie consumption and then your AT for the heart rate zones as well as VO2. (again, prepare to be dazzled with my knowledge when I have some numbers to discuss).

Wednesday.... pictures and measurements - WOO HOO! (or not - they did promise that we did not have to weigh in like those chicks on the biggest loser - thank goodness!).

All in all psyched to be a part of the program. (as soon as the cake is gone... ha)

So.... tomorrow boot camp and Saturday a group run and McDaniel Farm! Can't wait! Have a great Friday :)

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