Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the final countdown...

I think I have decided to run with a pace group. Running "with" them might not be an accurate term as I envision myself as more of a stalker. I will be someone who runs on the periphery, trying to keep the pace sign in sight at all times. Based on the running calculator on the marathon guide, I should be able to finish in the 4:10 to 4:20 range so I might scope out the 4:20 pace group and see how it goes. Looking forward to the race, the weather forecast has gone from rain to sunshine so that is a big improvement! Four days to the pig!

Rick announced today that flying was like sitting in an aluminum germ tube for two hours and thought I should consider driving. Yeah, sitting in my car for 8-10 hours on the drive home after running 26 miles. I think I will risk the pig flu, thanks. Oh wait, I did that after Disney only this ride would be further. Still no, thanks.

Headed to boot camp in the morning instead of swimming. One last chance to get a good run in, I can't believe it is already Thursday. I have to do my ritual house cleaning tomorrow night. I HATE coming home to a pig-sty. (had to say it... those pig references never get old...). Have a great Thursday!

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lindsay said...

pace groups are a great idea. if you get frustrated by the pack you can always run a few steps in front too! hopefully whichever group you latch on to will have a cool leader. i've never ran with one but i was near the 4:10 (or 4:something anyway) group at disney - used them as motivation to keep moving and not let them pass!

i drove from the tip-top of indiana back to sc after a marathon... (11+ hrs if i remember correctly?) NOT RECOMMENDED. lol. i'm sure you will be fine on the plane - you are a healthy person!

enjoy the remaining days of your taper!