Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Update

I have been off work for the past day and a half or so taking a mental break. I have thoroughly enjoyed the time off but haven't accomplished nearly as much as I had envisioned. Of course, I caught up on almost all my Tivo (which, let's face it - priority one...). I did loads of laundry and cleaned up the guest room which serves as my closet. To be honest, the only reason I tackled the "closet" was that I had lost my favorite necklace and *had* to find it. Not only did I find the necklace shoved into the pocket of a duffle bag but also ran across a new pair of adidas tennis shoes (still in the box) that I had forgotten about. GOLD MINE, considering I was thinking it was almost time for a new pair since the tread was beginning to wear. I love finding forgotten about treasures!

Friday, I took a vacation from boot camp in anticipation of a full weekend of tennis and running. I had two matches today which I am proud to say I won. The first was singles and was a long three setter. I pulled it out in the end in a tie break but would have been happy even if I had lost since it was such a close match.

Tomorrow is the dreaded gleefully anticipated long run. Actually, it just occured to me that this is my last long run before my marathon on the 3rd so I need to make the most of it! If the fact that this is my last long run doesn't make it exciting, I don't know what would. The weather is going to be great so I just need to figure out where I want to log my 20ish miles. According to my mentor who does not know that I exist, Hal Higdon, I only have to do 20 but in my head I feel that plan failed me at Disney. I am thinking that by logging 22 it will give me a little more of a mental edge. At least then I would know that I have at least run 22 miles prior to my marathon so I will only be doing those last 4 miles on the "momentum of the day" as all the training plans like to call it. Just a theory...

Speaking of things to get me through the marathon, my nutrition plan has been pitifully out of control the past 2 weeks. Ever heard of stress eating? right... Well, I have been doing PLENTY of that. I have a weird addiction to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream right now. I think I have shaken it or should I say eaten so much of it that I don't care to see any more chocloate chip cookie dough ice cream for a looong time. Prior to this, there were a few days there were there was some over consumption of frozen dairy products in my house and lets just say Rick has not been home so I can't blame him! Monday, I am getting back on the food log as that can only help the whole marathon plan. I am determined not to bonk at mile 20 like I did at Disney!

Have a great Easter! I will be celebrating by churning out some miles. Hmm, I wonder if I have someone hide some easter eggs every mile or so if that would help me with my run? At least it might keep me interested! :)

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lindsay said...

hope the junk food eating subsided a little! i'm certainly eating plenty for the entire world. :)

congrats on the tennis wins and 'new' shoes! hope you had a good easter weekend and avoided SOME chocolate at least.