Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It was a masters kind of day....

Today was the first day of the masters program at Lifetime. We had 5 people show up and it is a smallish pool so that was a good beginning! The coach pretty much just wrote the workout down and then watched us swim. I think she might have been trying to assess our levels to customize it a bit more next time. She had written a set that would have taken 90 minutes for me to do so I think she might have overestimated my ability somewhat. All in all I got in 2300 meters and a workout that I didn't good bored with so gold stars on both accounts. Now I will just have to find that part time job as a tester for eye creams that reduce the puffiness from the goggle marks... I promise you, I have tried everything on the market. Some work better than others but none of them put much of a dent in a good goggle mark. If you get old school goggles with the foam edges, that will help but if you swim the morning, you are destined to look like a raccoon until lunchtime. Oh well, at least this raccoon won't die of a heart attack from all the cardio.

Related note, as it turns out I have bradycardia (sp?). Anyhow, fancy word for a heart that is super strong. A normal resting heart is between 60 and 100. Mine is 56. The nurse doing my EKG during my physical the other day said it just means my heart is so strong that it doesn't have to beat that often. Apparently, elite athletes are in the 40s. All this exercise is paying off after all!

Also on the "masters" front, the results from the Sunday triathlon were posted today. I managed to win the 40 and over (masters) division!!! Go figure. Yeah, there were only 9 in the division. Yeah, they could have been 60 for all I know. I am not sure I saw any of them. It was a close division as it turns out - I tied for 3rd in the swim, came in 5th in the bike and won the run segment which put me over the top by 2 points. WOO HOO! Nemo, well she did pretty good too. Thankfully, she was under 40. She came in 4th in her division.

Off to take a quick nap... I have a tennis match at 8:00 tonight (not my idea but sometimes it is hard to reach a consensus on the times in these leagues). Hopefully it will be a quick match so I can get home before 11:00!

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lindsay said...

congrats on winning masters! glad the results also reflected how well you did in the 'race'. 3rd, 5th and 1st is awesome!