Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A boatload of indecisiveness…

I am awash in indecisiveness. Somebody save me!

A month ago I started trying to map out the races I wanted to do in 2012. A month ago I thought it was decided. I even updated the race list on sidebar of my blog which pretty much makes it official, right? In the past few weeks more and more races keep popping up that I want to add to the calendar. Sadly there are only so many races one can participate in and train for at the same time. I really just can’t decide.

My initial plan was to make 2012 the year of the “local” race. With the exception of one or two events, my races were going to be within a 2-3 hour drive from home. Then a friend suggested I sign up for NOLA 70.3. Two other friends tempted me with the cool schwag and atmosphere of the shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach. It was hard enough narrowing down my race choices when I was looking at running races. Add triathlon to the mix and the decisions become even more difficult.

I know I definitely want to repeat Beach 2 Battleship in October. Beyond that I am torn. I really can’t afford to do too many races that require more than a quick overnight trip but it is so tempting. Besides the expense there is the training factor.

I would assume you would want to strategically pick races based on your A goal and maybe just settle for being the world’s best cowbell ringer at the races that don’t fit the plan. Any tips for how you narrow down your list and pick races for the upcoming year or should I just write them all down on little pieces of paper and draw them at random? :) How do you all pick and choose your races?


Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Most of my races are also near home. I plan to do one race out of town - maybe two(I'm working on it now)

Beth said...

I usually pick one or two A races and plan my year around them, including training, tune up races and rest periods. Good luck putting it all together!

misszippy said...

With a big event like an IM on the list, I'd go with fewer races rather than more. And I'd work backwards from the IM--what races/when would enhance your conditioning for IM? Just my two cents!

Carolina John said...

I'm about to write a guest post for another blogger about planning 2012 races, so I'll gladly chime in here.

Pick your "A" races first and setup goals for those races. Then pick the other races that will be support for your "A" races, since they are the only ones that really matter. You want to go full B2B again? Do a half iron in september as a fitness test and run it as hard as you can.

Also think about non-tri obligations and the time of year. I have a tough time scheduling races around the kids birthdays. I think the kids were born at the wrong time of year. Also remember it's best to cycle spring and fall, open water swim in the summer and run in the winter. So my full marathons are in Jan/Feb/March, and June july and august have a handful of open water swim races and aquathons. Get that century ride in october sometime. If you can't do something this year, you can always do it next year.

Btw, I'm also really trying to work out if I can do the full B2B in 2012 too.

Meaghan said...

I'd suggest working your entire schedule around B2B. If that's your A race, figure out which races might be the best training to get you to peak performance at B2B. Have fun planning!!

Sarah said...

I usually just pick a couple A races and the rest I might sign up for are used as run or training races. This year I'm only registered for 4 with the focus being on my IM.

Jason said...

I selected two A races for 2012 (IMTX in May and IMAZ in Nov) and then selected races around them so that I get my training in.

Those races include 70.3 Puerto Rico in March, 70.3 Rev3 OOB in August and possibly 70.3 Austin in October.

The other races will happen if I want them to, but if not it is not a big deal as I have plenty of training/races to do.

So when will you decide?

RockStarTri said...

I pick my "A" race then work around it for my "B" races. The "C" races are either fun races, supported training days without time expectations or races with friends. The calendar fills up fast.

Amanda said...

Plan - you're so organized ;)...No seriously, I do try to lay out my races ahead of time as well. Financially I have to do that so that I can budget for and then pay for them as I need to.

Rather than goal races, I've decided that I want to do all the Disney endurance races (halfs and their 5Ks and the full). My goal will be to finish the races and treat them as supported long runs if I need to so that I don't put too much pressure on looking for PRs.

It's a tough balance though, I was trying to put together my schedule for next year in terms of races and training and I still have a lot of tweaking to do :).

Lora Abernathy said...

Egads! I can see why you're undecided.

When a race is just a race, schwag can really make the difference. I start with the A race and work around it.

Good luck in making your decision. Whatever happens, here's to enjoying every second of it.

Swim Bike Mom said...

You totes made me LOL at the "best cowbell ringer" comment. Tee hee!