Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Still getting it all together...

So it has been 3+ months since we last talked. (it feels obligatory to acknowledge the absence). I suppose I haven't really had much to say. I have said it before and I will say it again, it is quite the life changer to go from working out 15-20+ hours a week down to maybe 5 hours a week (on a good week). Seriously 5 hours a week. The crazy part is 5 hours is what most people would consider "normal" but in my warped endurance mind it feels like I have basically been doing nothing.

I needed a break, I truly did. For the most part over the past seven months (!) since B2B I have been doing a little bootcamp type training, a very small amount of running and a fair amount of tennis.  I had given up tennis when I dove into triathlon and have really enjoyed adding it back into my life again. Of course, I can't do anything on a reasonable level - my first season back and I am on FIVE teams. Insanity. I will scale it back after this season. For real.

Several weeks ago, I started getting the itch to race again. I decided to sign up for the Battlefield Marathon in November and Rocket City in December. (You see that they endurance insanity is hard to shake - that is the only kind of person who signs up for back to back marathons.).  I have done Battlefield once before. I loved the course but didn't have a great race so am looking forward to have a do-over on this course. I promise not to cut the course and claim the first place prize like the "winner" last year.   As for Rocket City, it just looked like a good race. I think I was in "sign up for every race" mode that day as I signed up for both races in the same day.

I started training on Monday and have to say it feels really good to be working on a plan. In the past several months, it has become clear to me that I do best when there is a goal of some sort. I like structure and the idea of going to the gym just because fitness is good for you is not enough of a motivator for me.  So there you go. This girl now has goal(s).

Let's do it!