Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Run, the movie ONE NIGHT ONLY!...

Are any of y'all going to see this Thursday night? It is one of those one night only movies and I was lucky enough to win two tickets through a blog giveaway on 26.2 Quest . I can't wait to plant myself in the movie theatre to see it!

The movie is the story of Terry Hitchcock, who, after losing his wife to breast cancer and struggling to raise three young children on his own, set out to accomplish the impossible. He wanted to run 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to bring attention to the incredibly difficult lives of single-parent families. He ran from St. Paul, MN to Atlanta, GA. He ran every day despite the weather despite the pain. He just kept running until he broke the finish line tape in Atlanta.

It is a story of gut wrenching endurance and faith that you can accomplish those things which seem impossible. If the movie is playing in your area and you aren't doing anything around 7:00 on Thursday night, it sounds like a "must see" to me. You might want to bring tissues....

"I firmly believe human beings can accomplish anything they put their minds to that nothing is impossible."

- Terry Hitchcock

4All by Jofit Skort Winner!

Can I get a drumroll?......

Congratulations to Allison @ Just Tri and Finish! Allison is checking off her 30 before 30 list, head over there and check it out.

Thanks to everyone for visiting the 4all by Jofit website for this giveaway! Don't forget, 4All by Jofit is going to give readers a 20% discount on any skort purchased between March 28th and March 31st, just enter the code: SPRING11.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Skort Giveaway from 4All by Jofit!

My friends at Team 4All sent me a little spring care package last week. They must have noticed that my car was turning yellow as it was coated in pollen. Around here, the yellow dusting can only mean one thing - spring is here! Time to get out the shorts and skorts and enjoy the weather.

I couldn't wait to give my new skort a try! Unfortunately, this weekend we had our fair share of rain. Regardless, I headed for the courts as we all know there are so many valuable things you do on a wet tennis court.

Such as... Tossing


Hand eye coordination

Yeah, that was a stretch.... I was wrong, there is not much you can do on a wet tennis court except pray for the sun to come out :) Had I been in a running frame of mind, I could have easily hit the trail in the park and headed out for a run. I am a huge fan of running skirts and often use my tennis skorts for running and my running skirts for tennis. Let's face it, they are both skorts both made of dri-fit material with pockets. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to.

Did I mention this skort has cool outer side pockets? You could use them for tennis balls during a game or for GU gel, keys or even an ipod if you are out on a run. I honestly have fallen in love with the pocket.

Attention Shoppers here comes the giveaway ...

The team at 4all is giving a skort away to one of you too! All you have to do is visit the 4all website, check out their skorts, and leave a comment for me with your favorite. (The actual giveaway will be subject to size and style availability). Don't let the "tennis" name fool you. Trust me these are great for any kind of fitness activity or just looking good when you are out running errands.

Extra entries will be given for those who tweet about the contest or post a link on their blog. (leave an additional comment for each).

Contest will be open for entries until Wednesday at Noon EDT when I will pick a winner at random from all the entries.

And a discount ...

In case you aren't my lucky winner, 4All by Jofit is going to give readers a 20% discount on any skort purchased between March 28th and March 31st, just enter the code: SPRING11.

Good luck to all! (Special thanks to CR for being my papparazzo this morning and enduring the odd looks from the people walking in the park. I think he might be considering a second career now as a photographer. LOL.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

An easy $250 for your non-profit - Iron Girl ATL...

Iron Girl is hosting a triathlon in Atlanta on May 15th and needs volunteers! Non-profit groups that have 10 volunteers for the race will be given $250 by Iron Girl. You must be a 501c3 to qualify and enter the group name in the comment section.

Visit the event website HERE for more information and to register. It certainly beats selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the street corner like we did back in high school!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I did post-marathon...

If you recall, last week I was waxing poetic about a life without training schedules. Late last week I got an email from one of my tennis friends. She dabbles in running and triathlons in the same way I do. We will never be professionals or win our age group but we enjoy the challenge. The email exchange went something like this…

W: Are you doing a 70.3 this year?

Me: I would but I am on budget restriction. (An adult’s version of time out)

W: I need someone to train with, what if I paid your fee?

Me: (is she crazy???) I really can’t let you do that but I will train with you.

…and that is how I found myself perched on a stool in my friend’s house hours after my marathon logging into and registering for the 70.3 Augusta in September. As much as I would have LOVED a paid entry into the race, it would not have felt right so we agreed that she would pay the fees up front and I would pay her back in August when I am off of restriction (hopefully sooner).

It actually works out perfectly as the training doesn’t really need to start until May so I still get a little break from an official plan for almost 2 months. In the meantime, I am going to wipe the dust off my bike, keep going to Masters practice at Lifetime and get my speed ramped up for the Peachtree. Well, either that or sit on the couch and catch up on TiVo. (kidding…)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cupcake marathon, what is not to like...

Did I mention I ran two marathons this weekend? Technically, I only ran the 26.2 distance once but counted race as my entry into the cupcake marathon. Yum!

I picked up my race bib and did a little fancy coloring...

A little fueling ...

and I am on my way ...

Up a few hills, down a few hills, crossed the finish line and I was done...

Who needs a medal when you have cupcakes?

Monday, March 21, 2011

And just like that the Georgia Marathon is done…

Funny how races seem to be so far in the distance and then one day you wake up and realize the race is next weekend. I had almost no nerves at all for this race. Leading up to the race, I had a few random things that worried me like the weather but didn’t feel overly excited or nervous. I took Friday off of work in order to sleep in a little late, play a couple of those tennis matches I mentioned in my last post and pick up my race number. Friday ended up being a whirlwind of activity. My day pretty much was get up, speed to a tennis match, speed down to the expo, speed back home for 20 minutes, speed back to another tennis match, and home at 10 pm.

The expo was downtown so I was trying to time it in the best manner possible to avoid Friday afternoon traffic in downtown Atlanta. I have since determined there is no best time possible to avoid traffic downtown. I would LOVE an option to have my number mailed to me as opposed to going downtown for the pickup. The Peachtree Road Race mails their numbers for a fee but am guessing that is because you pick up the shirt post race so they are only mailing the number and some informational papers. At this point, I would be OK with not even getting the shirt as the unisex ones rarely fit especially now that they are mostly dri fit. I am not sure why that is but a small cotton shirt in unisex fits perfect. A small dri fit shirt unisex is too big and I never wear it. Ladies sizes would be fantastic, if any of you race directors are out there listening. (crawling off soap box now…)

I loved the timing chips used for this race. Instead of a D tag that you put on your shoe, the chip was a B tag that was already affixed to the back of the number. You don’t have to do anything to it other than pin your number on like you would normally. One less thing to worry about is always nice.

I was so relaxed about this race, I literally waited until 5 minutes before I went to bed to figure out whether I was going to drive or take the train and get my gels and whatnots ready for the next day. Typically, I obsess over everything and lay it all out like you would on your first day of school. I ended up driving as opposed to taking the train. Had I been running the half, I would have taken public transport but given I was running the full and wasn’t sure how I would feel afterwards, the thought of having a car relatively nearby seemed like a good idea. If you haven’t been to Atlanta, our train system has its benefits but doesn’t cover the entire city like Chicago or New York’s systems and is certainly not used to the extent of those larger cities. Public transportation is not something Atlantans embrace as much as they could. Post race, had I taken the train, it would have meant a lot more walking on tired legs followed by changing trains and then a 20 minute ride home. I had some guilt over not taking the race’s “recommended” mode of transportation; however, in this instance I liked the idea of driving much better.

So race day…. Left the house at 5:00 am for a 7:00 am race start. Got to the park around 6:00 which was perfect. Last minute port o pottie stops and off to the corral. Could not have timed it better. I had been a little worried about the weather as the day before had been sunny and 85. HOT for March. I knew I was not acclimated to that kind of heat just yet so was hoping for cool and cloudy. Thankfully, my prayers were answered - it was cloudy and in the 60s!

The race itself was kind of uneventful. I bumped into quite a few people that I knew on the course which is unusual. I typically know people who might be running but rarely see them on race day. The start went pretty quickly. I ended up being in Corral H. I think it was only 8 or 10 minutes between the official start and my start. The first part of the course was shoulder to shoulder but there were enough gaps to keep a steady pace and not feel the need to constantly dart around peoplle. At mile 7, the half marathoners split off on a separate route. There were about 11,000 half-ers compared to 2,000 for the full. Once they peeled off on their way to the finish it was noticeably more quiet, like going from a Bon Jovi concert to a flute solo.

The course was extremely hilly, pretty much a constant up and down and sometimes it just seemed like a constant up with no offsetting down. Lots of long slow climbs. We went through a lot of neighborhoods and back roads for the most part. Despite the hills, i really enjoyed the course. It was scenic with just enough spectator support to keep you going. There were plenty of water and Gatorade stops, 2 sections where they were passing out orange slices and two more where they passed out GU.

In fact, I think the only complaint I heard from anyone about the race was the food at the end. The ironic part about the food being an issue is that Publix (a grocery chain) was the presenting sponsor. After most of the half marathoners came through they completely ran out of food. From what I have read on various message boards, it sounds like the volunteers weren’t trained on the need to ration out the food and were loading up the first waves of runners with enough food to feed a village. The runners were given some kind of bag at the food line and the volunteers were filling it to the brim with food whether the runners asked for it or not.

At around the 2:45 to 3 hour mark when the marathoners started coming through there were only bananas left. The organizers scrambled to restock a bit so by the time I rolled through at 4:45 ish there was some food being offered but just not what you would typically expect. I had no idea all this had gone on of course so I just thought the food selection was rather limited and kind of unusual. There was no water, powerade or anything to drink. In terms of food, I was given a pack of crackers, a green banana and a pack of M&Ms. There were also a couple of cupcakes but at that point after having sucked down nothing but sticky sweet GU over the past few hours, the thought of a cupcake, M&Ms or anything sweet was not very appealing. I would have liked a bagel or at least something to drink but I can’t say the food mishap upset me like it did others. Although, had I come through at a time when there were just bananas I might feel differently.

I truly just thought the food selection and the way the volunteers were being sticklers about making sure we only received one of each item was odd. Now that I know the whole story, it all makes sense. I guess the organizers regrouped and realized the food free for all wasn’t the way to go. I did not hear until later that there had been more typical food offerings like bagels, chocolate milk and larabars earlier on and they just ran out. Turns out it is just the downside of being at the back of the pack. If you want chocolate milk, you have to run fast. ;)

All in all, I really enjoyed the race. No post race soreness at all. I ended up doing a 4 minute run / 1 minute walk Galloway style and finished in 4:47. I'll take it!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Counting down to the GA Marathon...

This week I am in 100% juggling mode. The Georgia Marathon is on Sunday. I have two tennis matches for my singles leagues that have to be played before the deadline this week while two of my tennis teams both have their first spring matches this week. There is always a week or two like this every season where the leagues overlap each other. I just usually don’t have a marathon in the middle of it which makes it a little more interesting. Mostly, I am hoping all the tennis doesn't come back to bite me on Sunday but it is unavoidable.

Sunday, I ran 8 miles in my last bit of preparation for the marathon this Sunday. I am using the Galloway method for this race again. The upside to the method is that my legs and knees really do not hurt much at all post race. It is remarkable really. I wish everyone could run/walk an entire race at least once; you would be shocked at the difference in how you feel at the end. The downside is that it impacts my time. Not that I have any expectation of winning the race obviously but there is something in my head that can’t shake the fact that I can run a PR of 4:12 but my last two races were right at the 5 hour mark. (The last race was the Goofy which I Gallowayed from start to finish, the previous was Chickamauga in which I ran the first half then did a modified run/death march to the end). I would like to get some of my speed back. Theoretically, the run/walk shouldn’t impact my time all that much so it is possible that I could still Galloway and have a time around 4:30. It may be that I just need to speed up the run portion of the run/walk.

The other downside of the run/walk method is that I find myself becoming accustomed to stopping for a walk on ALL of my runs no matter what the distance. (Side note, I am a HUGE fan of Galloway. He obviously got me through the Goofy. This is just me and my mental issue as it relates to trying to get my speed back to where it was last year).

After this race I think I am going to take a step back and build the running back up so I am no longer dependent on the walk breaks and do more mid week running that includes speed work. I don’t have any races planned between now until July although that is always subject to change. I am registered for the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th and would like to have a sub-55 time. My PR on a super fast course for a 10k is 52:19. The Peachtree is not a fast course (think hilly and packed with people) but a sub-55 is doable for me. I guess that makes it my next goal, huh? I love the idea of focusing on something that is a shorter distance!

I am definitely looking forward to being off of a marathon training schedule for a bit. Sunday will be my 3rd marathon in 4 months. In looking back, I have been training for one marathon or another for the last 9 months so the break is very much welcomed at this point. Isn’t it good timing that my running group is starting its season again so I can press the reset button on mileage and kind of ramp back up slowly with them? It is almost as though I planned it that way. ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Click, click, click and my taxes are done!

For the past 15 years CR was self employed. Filing taxes was not something I looked forward to each year. It still isn't but... Despite the accountant doing all the work, I dreaded compiling the various receipts, reports and information and ended up putting it off until the very last moment. Most years, I would ship everything off to the accountant in mid to late March and anxiously await his word on what we needed to pay. We ALWAYS had to pay (one of the downsides of working for yourself). Even though it may theoretically all come out the same, mentally I would much rather have the amount deducted from my check little by little throughout the year as opposed to writing a big check quarterly or at tax time. It just seems less painful.

This is the first year in a long time that each of us just had a plain old W-2. No itemizing home office space, accounting for mileage on CR’s vehicle or 8,000 other things that may or may not be able to be deducted as a business expense. This year there was no last minute shipment to the accountant, we were all about Turbo Tax.
Depending on old you are, do you remember the days of going to the post office or local library in search of tax forms and the booklets with the income charts? My how things have changed!

Turbo Tax led me through a series of questions and before I knew it my taxes were done. As you are going through the questions, it shows you what you will be getting back at the top of the screen and the number goes up or down depending on your answers. The number changed several times for no apparent reason so I am not sure I 100% trust the process but am going to go with it as it is much easier than the alternative of putting pencil to paper. I am pretty sure the IRS knows where I live if there is an issue, right?

Upcoming Races! Cupcakes, Shamrocks and the Peachtree Road Race...

In the past week, I bumped into these virtual races. In case you have not seen them already, definitely check them out. The distances vary from a 7k to a marathon so there is a little something for everyone. I missed the virtual 5k put on by Detroit Runner since my blog reading was so far behind but now we are up to date and back online!

Cupcake Marathon
March 14th through the 26th
Half Marathon or Marathon (distances can be spread over several days)
Register at Cook Train Eat Race

Shake Your Shamrock Run
March 17th through the 20th
7k or 13k
Register at Running Bucket

If you prefer to being able to look your competition in the eye and run sweaty elbow to sweaty elbow to the finish then maybe the world’s largest 10k is your style. OK, Vancouver took the title from us in 2008 but the race is still quite the event with 60,000 runners. The Peachtree Road Race got its start in 1970 and is still going strong.

This year they increased capacity from 55,000 to 60,000 runners and changed the registration process to a lottery system. Back in the day, the entry forms were published in the Sunday paper so you had to make sure you got the paper early and dropped your registration in the mail the same day if you wanted to get in. In the last couple of years, race registration went online. Registration will be open from March 15th through March 24th.

It will be interesting to see if the lottery changes the feeling about the race. Granted, in the past, you never knew if you were in until you got confirmation in the mail but generally you knew if you mailed your form the same day you would most likely get in. I know a lot of families that run the race together as a tradition. How sad would that be if one family member doesn’t get in? Change is never easy and there are pros and cons to each registration method. In the end, if you REALLY wanted to run the race, you could join the track club and get guaranteed entry. I suppose you could think of it in the same way as the registration for the NYC Marathon but for a much shorter race. I cannot imagine trying to manage a race of this scale and the Atlanta Track Club does a fantastic job each and every year. From keeping the t-shirt design a secret until you pick it up at the finish to the thousands of volunteers and spectators lining every inch of the course, it is nothing but fun!

As an Atlanta Track Club member, I was given advance registration so I am already registered and ready to go! This will be my 5th year running the Peachtree Road Race and my Dad has always run it with me which is a nice tradition. I believe this is his 30th or 31st year running. In a race of 60,000 runners it is always interesting trying to locate each other after the race. Sometimes it is easier than others. Last year, the instructions were to “meet by the food”. L.O.L. The food area is practically an entire city park. As you can imagine with thousands of runners filing by it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are always more than a few anxious minutes waiting and looking but we always manage to locate each other.

If you are thinking about a trip to Atlanta, this is one race not to miss. You can register HERE beginning March 15th. Good luck!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Neither Rain nor 20 MPH winds will keep me from chug a luggin' through my long run...

While it might have been in the high 70s and sunny last weekend, we were brought back to reality this weekend with a huge dose of rain, wind and chilly temperatures. Rain was in the forecast Saturday and Sunday so it was one of those weekends where you try to pick the best of two bad choices for your long run. Lately I have been more tired than usual for reasons that I can’t quite pinpoint unless it is the extra tennis at night, getting up a few minutes early for my masters swimming or a combination of both. It could also be the girl scout cookies that have been coursing through my veins these past few weeks... but I am not a nutrition expert. :) I opted to take Saturday as a rest day and try my luck on Sunday which was supposed to have some clearing in the afternoon.

I woke up Sunday just not feeling it. I still felt a little sluggish and not particularly looking forward to getting out there. We have all had those days, right? CR had to leave for work at 11:00 so I hung around making him pancakes, checking out facebook and catching up on my blog reading. I realized that I didn’t have an audio book to listen to today as I had finished my other one last week so spent a few minutes choosing a new book. I settled on Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner and killed 20 minutes waiting for it to download while I frantically looked for my knee pants puzzled that I couldn’t find even one pair when I have THREE pairs somewhere in my house. The download finished, I applied some expired deodorant (according to the label, it expired in July of 2007). I went through a phase where no deodorant was to my liking so I continued my quest for the perfect deodorant until I found it. (Secret clinical waterproof is my fave if you are interested.) I am thinking a bathroom cabinet cleaning is in order to get rid of all the expired products. Just thinking out loud…

So with my new book on my ipod and old deodorant on my arms, I headed out the door for my run. On the way out the driveway, I made a quick stop by the mailbox hoping my new GU Cherry Lime flavor had arrived but it had not. Luckily I had several back up gels, blocks, and chews that I had been given in various race packets throughout the year. I did check the expiration dates on those… After all that procrastinating, I was on my way!

I don’t know about you but I can tell when I head out of it is going to be a good run day or if it is going to be an exercise in mental toughness. I had a feeling it was going to be the latter. I pulled into the parking lot at Stone Mountain, got my ipod ready and stepped out into the 40 degree weather and gusty 20 MPH winds. Brrrr! (I know some of you endure much worse, there certainly was no snow or ice so hats off to you in the frozen tundra!). Stone Mountain is a 5 mile loop course around the mountain. The first loop was tough for some reason. Discouraging, really. How could I bust out 20 miles on this same course last weekend and then struggle through 5 today? The negotiations began at that point. It sounded a bit like this:

If I don’t get 15 in today, maybe I could get up at 4 tomorrow and do 15 before work?

If I did 10 today, and 10 tomorrow would that be the same as 15 today?

Maybe I could do 10 today and then 15 next week but I guess that would not really be a taper.

Training for a race is overrated. (I kid…)

Oh the joys of being a planner at heart and a slave to the schedule. I slowed the pace down a bit and the second 5 miles was much more comfortable than the first which gave me the boost I needed to go ahead and get the 15 miles in the books. Hooray!

I made the mistake of looking at the elevation chart for the Georgia Marathon earlier this week and though I knew it was hilly, seeing it mapped out somehow made it more intimidating. I have run sections of the course before so it isn’t a complete unknown, I know I can do it. It just isn’t a super flat Disney type course but then again Disney didn’t have cupcakes at the end either so I guess it is give and take. :) My plan for the race is to enjoy the course. I have no expectations of a PR, I just am not where I was a couple of years ago although I think I would like to work on speed over the summer and get back to that level for my fall marathon. All in all, feeling ready to race!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4All by Jofit, where have you been all my life?...

For every early rising, sun saluting, net charging, lunch packing, carpooling, super(role)model, play the back tee – sweat, glow, glisten, grunt, for guts, for glory, for fun, for curvy, and straight - 4all by Jofit.

Late last month I received the exciting news that I was one of 10 ladies selected to be a part of Team 4All. I was beyond thrilled! Who would not want to be supplied with amazing work out gear? Shortly after I received the news, a shipment arrived at my door. I ripped open the contents to find, among other things, a tennis outfit along with a Team 4all tote bag and a Flip Cam (insert squeal of delight here).

My first real introduction to the company was last Thursday during a webcast. It was essentially a way for all the ladies on the team to be introduced to the company. I was already impressed with the clothing I had seen on their website but once I began to hear the executives and various other members of the team at 4all by Jofit speak I became even more impressed. Each person had on their favorite pieces of 4all clothing and told what they loved about the pieces they were wearing. You could tell they really believed in the company and stood behind the product. Each and every one of the ladies are amazing.

The designs were created out of a need for women to have comfortable, flattering workout gear. Tops that are a little longer so you aren’t constantly pulling them down while you are getting through a workout or during a tennis match. Pants, shorts and skirts that are designed to flatter your shape. Clothes that are comfortable and wicking so you can focus on your game, race or fitness class and not your outfit. I have said many times that what I wear on the tennis court can make or break my match. It sounds crazy but there are certain outfits that either don’t fit quite right or are constantly riding up to the point where it becomes a distraction from the game. If I am playing a “must win” match, I am going to wear the outfit that I know will perform with me and doesn’t need constant adjustment.

As luck would have it, the weather was beautiful last weekend so I was able to try out my new outfit and see if it performed as good as it looked! Not only did I get a ton of compliments on the outfit but it was completely comfortable. I never felt like I needed to pull down my shirt hem in between serves – score! The fabric felt durable, soft against my skin, and there were no scratchy tags - score! I don't mean to gush but am truly sold on the product. Check it out…

Pictured is the Thumbs Up Jacket, Charleston Pleated Tennis Skort and Charleston V Neck Tank.

Lest you think I have gone all tennis, all the time on the channel it really is just a case of spring fever! In other news, I have a 15 miler (maybe 20) on tap for tomorrow. Are you sensing the lack of confidence that I have done enough long runs? The Georgia Marathon is in two weeks! I have also been swimming up a storm in the pool. I am really enjoying the extra push I am getting from the masters group. I start coaching the swim contingent of my triathlon group in April. I am looking forward to getting started and am hopeful for a great turnout this year!

Cheers to you all - have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tennis in Atlanta...

You may or may not know but tennis is HUGE in Atlanta. That is not to say that you have to play tennis to be allowed to live here but let's just say it is a big deal for a lot of us. We have a little thing called ALTA (Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association) that easily has more players than USTA (United States Tennis Association) does in Atlanta. Some people play both ALTA and USTA but there are far more that play ALTA exclusively. ALTA has 80,000 members in the Atlanta area that play tennis. In fact, ALTA is so big that USTA adjusts our seasons of play to accomodate ALTA play. For example, most of the country plays USTA Women's tennis in Spring and Fall, we play USTA in summer and winter. (Enough acronyms for you?).

It is a year round sport here. No, we don't play indoors. We play outside. There are rules for the temperature. If it falls below 32 or above 95, you can reschedule the match but we usually just play it as scheduled. A few weeks back, we had to shovel ice and snow off the courts to play our matches. We are hardcore that way.

At any given time, I am on as many as three tennis teams as well as two singles leagues. You can see where throwing in a marathon or a triathlon can become a training and scheduling nightmare. I have run half marathons in the morning and played tennis in the afternoon. You make sacrifices to do the things you love I suppose. ALTA Mixed Doubles and USTA Ladies ended last week so we have a two week break before ALTA Ladies and USTA Mixed Doubles starts in mid-March.

As any self respecting player would, I spent my first tennis-free weekend playing tennis. Not really part of the plan as I had a 20-miler to work in but I just can't say no to free lessons. So glad I did as I got a lot out of the lessons on both Saturday and Sunday! That runner's high is a vicious thing. I made a quick pit stop after my 20 miler Sunday morning to take a shower and headed straight to a 90 minute group lesson. I am AMAZED at how good my legs felt. So strange but the weather was too good to not take advantage!

It is quickly becoming spring around here. Temperatures were close to 80 all weekend, the trees and flowers are blooming and my toenail that I lost after Chickamauga is coming back. Guess that groundhog was right :)