Sunday, December 21, 2008

And after a nice long run, there should always be baking..

Today was all about baked goods. I really don't know why, it just worked out that way. I got up this morning planning to make this egg casserole thing only to find out that you had to soak it overnight. I guess I should have read the recipe. For some reason from there I dove into making cookies, red velvet cupcakes for my family's Christmas before Christmas gathering on Tuesday and a coconut cake just cuz. After all that and a few loads of laundry, I had about an hour's rest and headed out to pick up my sister to go to Publix Cooking School for "Fancy Cookies to go". Basically a hands-on cooking class where we made 5 or 6 different kinds of cookies in a whirlwind 2 hours. All in all a good time but I am TIRED! (I know, what is new? Can I have one post where I don't talk about how tired I am? seriously.) Here are pics of me and my sister proudly displaying one of our containers of treats.

OH! and for some reason, Friday morning in the intersection by my work is a big bottle of Absolut Vodka. What is up with that? I guess instead of tossing it out the window as they finished it off going down the road, they decided to place it gently on the curb so as not to create a mess on the road. You have to love a considerate drunk.


Holly said...

I agree running should be followed by baking--unfortunately I have been skipping out on the running part. Oos!

I've never taken a class like that--sounds yummy. Cute picture with your efforts too.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I never bake cookies cause I'll just eat them all as they come out of the oven! Cute pics of you and your sis and how fun. As for the vodka bottle - that's a HUGE bottle. Somebody did a lot of drinking.