Monday, December 1, 2008

Nothing like tennis in the winter!

I headed out tonight for yet another match. With this rain this weekend, I have tennis for the next four nights which, combined with boot camp and my running plan in the mornings makes for a long day. Tonight's match was particularly brutal as it was in the low 40s. Yes, we play outdoors. No, we don't have indoor courts. Tennis is a year round event in Atlanta. It does get cold here but not cold enough to hae an abundance of indoor courts around town. I can think of maybe 2 or 3 in the entire metro area. So you play in the cold or you take the season off and sit inside. I chose playing in the cold.

Tonight was one of those matches where you wonder if you are burning the candles a little too far on both ends to be effective. I just didn't play that well AT ALL. I felt tired (and I guess who wouldn't after getting up at 4:44 and starting the day with a boot camp workout). It was just frustrating because you see your friends getting better and moving on but I stay in the same level, hovering near the top of my division but never quite finishing it off. It is just the reality of having too many things I am trying to accomplish at one time so I can't give enough attention to one or the other to really excel. I feel like I have whined about this to the blogworld before... So. boo hoo me. I am over it now. Just the reality of needing to let one of the tennis leagues go so I have some time to actually rest and not drag my lifeless body from one activity to another. Maybe one day I will take my own advice and take a break. Maybe... someday.

Oh! Boot camp instructor. I really like him. Today he recounted all the foods he made for Thanksgiving dinner. A trainer that eats real food on occasion - nice! The only downside is I have this craving for sausage balls that is not going away... I am not sure what region(s) of the country know the delicious goodness of a sausage ball but I have met several midwesterners who have never had this little bite of heaven. Basically, it is sausage, bisquick and cheese formed into bite size balls and baked. YUMMMMMY!

Double oh! On another front, I realized tonight that my Get Fit Club meets through April so I might be able to get some long runs in with them before Disney which is sweet because who really wants to run for 3 to 4 hours by themselves? That might take a little more focus than I might have. The downside is they run on Saturday mornings across town which kind of conflicts with ... tennis. Yes, the conflict again. I may have to sit myself out of the lineup a week or two to get a run in. We'll see. I'm excited to find out this nugget of information as I thought I had fallen too far behind when I had my stress fracture to keep running with them.

Tomorrow. 6 miles according to Hal Higdon, tennis practice at night.

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