Sunday, November 30, 2008

and the weekend of gluttony is over...

I had to work on Friday so I truly only had a normal two day weekend but it seemed like four days. Perhaps the lack of outside activity. For some reason, we ended up with an inordinate amount of food in the house this weekend. Not unusual if, for example, I had actually cooked a Thanksgiving meal. Unusual, however, because I did not cook a Thanksgiving meal yet we have so much food in the house I feel that I need an intervention.

It has rained here pretty much all weekend long. It is amazing but I actually got a tennis match in today. If you lived here you might find that amazing as well seeing as there was barely an hour in which it did not rain this weekend or at least was completely soaked on the courts. My partner and our opponents were determined to get the match in. Normally, I am that determined as well but was in no mood for it today. We had already clinched the division earlier in the week and this match would only help our playoff seeding so spending 90 minutes rolling the courts dry and then play the match in 45 degree drizzly weather did not seem all that appealing. At any rate, I put on my happy face and commenced to squeegeeing the courts. We won the match, 6-2, 6-3 so should have home court advantage for the playoffs next week. YAY :) I was supposed to play a second match at 3:00 but that one was cancelled due to the rain.

Besides that only bit of movement today, I was pretty much a slug the rest of the day. Thank God no one shook any salt on me or I would have shriveled up and died right there on the couch!

I have a new outlook for next week, I am shaking off the pudge and the gluttony and am ... get this... bringing my breakfast and lunch to work! I know! What a genious plan! normally I end up buying both meals out since I leave the house so early and don't have time to throw anything together. This week, my new healthy self, packed up some granola, raisins/craisins, yogurt and oatmeal to last the week along with a lunch for tomorrow. I am quite proud. Can't you tell?

Tomorrow: I am excited about boot camp - can't wait to tell boot camp guy that I broke 2 hours on Thurusday! I also have a singles tennis match tomorrow night. It is supposed to be cold, cold, cold tomorrow - some chance of a "snowy mix" which doesn't happen here much so I might break out the hand warmers :)

Have a great Monday!

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merider (M.E.-rider) said...

First off - love the new layout on this blog, Karen. :-)

As for bringing breakfast/Lunch to work - yes, best thing ever! Now, I need to get back to doing it.

By the way, your bootcamp experiences are mucho motivation as well. Can't wait to get started.