Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank God for Rainy Days!

Today was a washout. I believe the official forecast was 100% chance of rain - and it did. Normally, I would be upset on some level that my tennis match for the day was cancelled or that it was too rainy to get in a good run outside (yes, I know you can run in the rain - I mostly choose not to - or at least today anyhow). Today was not one of those days. I honestly had some sense of relief that I was forced to stay home.

I got so many of those little crazy things done that make you feel better. I actually cleaned out 2 pantries and my freezer and decided that I have enough food in there to live off of for the next month. I am going to see how long I can go without going to the grocery store! I put all my supplies of GU gels, LARAbars and shotblocks in one location. Again, from all the free samples, I should have no need to purchase any of these items for quite some time!

I started planning my races for 2009. I currently have a crazy thought of doing back to back marathons the 2 weekends following Disney. That is a big WE'LL SEE. Keep in mind I haven't run one marathon yet... I got the idea from reading a blog about this woman who is running marathons in all the 50 states. It was the same kind of "if she can do it, why can't I" sort of thought that caused me to sign up for the 70.3 in Augusta. Not that I am running in all 50 states, it was more the multiple marathon thing that caught my attention. The two post-Disney are in Georgia so it really isn't much of a stretch logistically. Whether my legs can do it is another story...

On the triathlon front, I am trying to decide which races I want to work in. Most likely I will do the Acworth Women's Tri and Callaway. I want to do the Emory Aquathlon if they have it again as well an Olympic distance. I am not sure if I will do the Iron Girl again. Part of me wants to volunteer to help out instead but am not certain. I may end up signing up for it.

I also watched Made of Honor today. Completely predictable but cute. A chick-flick to be sure but I enjoyed it. It is very My Best Friend's Weddingish. Guys - not the movie for you... just saying...

and to round out my day as well as get rid of that leftover turkey... (Did I mention I cooked a turkey after the half marathon on Thursday?) I made turkey and dumplings and a few sides (Cranberry Waldorf Salad and Cream Cheese Coconut Pound Cake). OK, all that realllly doesn't go together but it was more of things I was craving. You can see why I have gained that 5 pounds....

Tomorrow, I have 6 miles according the Hal Higdon Plan. I also have 2 tennis matches if the rain clears up. I am hoping to get them in this time as the whole re-scheduling is a nightmare!

Have a great Sunday!

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