Monday, November 24, 2008


As you might recall, I signed up for bootcamp last Wednesday. Since it is a M-W-F class, i could have gone Friday. I did not. I was tired. (I am starting to notice a trend here - yawn!). Today was my first day and IT WAS AWESOME! Absolutely worth it!

I am on the introverted side when you first get to know me so today was a little like first day of school, where do I go, what if they cancelled and forgot to tell me, all that neurotic stuff. As I was filling my water bottle, I hear, "KAREN!". I turned around and it was my instructor. We had never met before but he had looked up my file at LFT (the file includes a photo - not the best one either but apparently enough to recognize me at 6:00 am with bags under my eyes). All the freakish shy-girl worries instantly gone! Ahhhh.

The group makes their way over to the elliptical machine. I'm thinking, I got this. I have been running for months. I have been running long distances. Is this the best you got? Well, apparently I have not been pushing myself and it showed a little. They cranked that elliptical up to level 10 and had to maintain 105 strides per minute. Pant, pant. Every 3 minutes, we hop off the elliptical and do a variety of squat thrusts, push ups, etc. That was the first 15 minutes. Then we headed over for ab work, shoulder work, lunges, running up and down flights of stairs with 20 pound medicine balls above our heads. OMG. Exactly what I needed. Variety and someone to push me a little harder than I would push myself. I can't wait until Wednesday!

Tennis for tonight was cancelled due to rain. On the bright side, one less bag to pack for tomorrow since I didn't use it tonight :)

As it turns out, I did not get to stay home from work today but did manage to get an extra hour tomorrow at lunch free of charge so I can go pick up my race number downtown for Thursday's half marathon. I love it when bossman is in a good mood!


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Oh, I can't wait to do boot camp. Hearing this has confirmed for me that I need to commit. Awesome, Karen! :-)

Kevin said...

That sounds like a killer workout