Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Tomorrow is the Atlanta Half Marathon. I will be getting up bright and early to head to the start line! Yesterday, I braved the mass of people at the expo picking up their race numbers and SWAG. I must have forgotten to submit an estimated finish time because I am in the last corral. Or... maybe I did submit that finish time and I am in the last corral.... Either way. In the back of the pack for the start. I believe there are about 9,000 runner total. There is a full marathon being run at the same time but most of the runners are doing the half. There were TONS of people at the expo and I went during the day. I can't imagine what the crowd was like after work.

I got in another boot camp workout this morning. It was great even the second time around although my arms and legs are feeling it now. In looking back at my workout calendar, I had really only been running and not much else for a couple of months so working in some other workout types for arms, shoulders, et al was much needed. I was actually surprised at how hard it was getting back into it. I have that "ouch, it hurts to cough" feeling in my abs right now. The sign of a good workout I suppose...

Have a good Thanksgiving! I am folding some clothes, doing some dishes and going to bed for my 5 AM wake up call!


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Wow! Karen, I am so impressed, woman. You're running a marathon tomorrow????!!!! Well, you'll be earining your stuffing for sure. Good luck out there and have a blast! I look forward to the run report. :-)

Kevin said...

Have a great race. That shirt looks much nicer then last years