Saturday, November 15, 2008

no rain today!...

We managed to get all the matches in today without any rain - YAY! I lost my match but the team won overall so I'll take it.

I am starting to get a tiny bit nervous about tomorrow. Not too over the top, mostly the getting up early making sure I have everything I need (GU gels, check-in bag, chip, etc.) just the kind of things you don't worry about when you run on your own but can't leave the house without tomorrow. Oh yeah, and of course figure out what to wear! Not necessarily in a girlie - "whatever shall I wear to look cute while I am sweating" sort of way (although that does factor into it, I will not lie) but more of a it is going to be cold do I dare wear shorts, long sleeves or short sleeves, don't forget to bring a jacket for the check in bag, do I need gloves, sort of way. My most vivid memory of the last half marathon I did was freezing to death on public transit on the way home (of course the near passing out from low blood sugar is there too but mostly am worried about the freezing/miserable part).

Notice I didn't mention anything about being nervous about the run itself. Funny how your perspective changes. In March for the ING, the half marathon was an event, an achievement of a lifetime. Now it is just a means to getting the required long run in on my path to the Disney marathon in January. It probably helps mentally that I don't see this as a big deal. My biggest worry is not forgetting my jacket. If that is my biggest problem, then that ain't too bad! Pace-wise, I'm guessing I'll be somewhere in the high 9/low 10 minute neighborhood so am planning on a 2:15ish finish.

On tap for tonight, gathering up my things so I can get up and out the door early, early, early tomorrow and then off to bed :)

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merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Good luck, lady! I look forward to hearing how the run went and whether you remembered your jacket. :-)