Sunday, November 9, 2008

what a great day...

Yesterday was pretty much tennis. As the captain of my team, I stick around from the time the matches start until they end which in the case of yesterday was The other team wanted to play one match 2 hours early which happened to be mine which meant I played my match at 11:00 and then had to stick around until the other matches started at 1:00. All five lines were finally over around 5:00. The team won 4 out of 5 lines ... it was our first match of the USTA season so it was good to start with a win.

On to today... Since tennis ate up all of yesterday, that meant I had to get my long run in today. I got up at 8:00ish and headed for Stone Mountain. I wasn't really "feeling it" but knew I had to get the run in so thought it best to go for the long route which is around the mountain and the golf course. It is basically an 8 mile loop to which I added another three miles to make my required 11 miles (I say that as if I am being graded on my mileage or am accountable to someone for the miles... truly no one cares but me...that is my type A personality coming out - if I didn't do the 11 I am sure there would be a self flogging later). so... today was all about 11. Queue the video for my sesame street generation. All you gen x'ers feel free to sing along. I pretty much sang this as I was running. or not.

and another for good measure.

So here is my run in pics...

Mile 1. The Christmas in November tree.

Mile 2 was an "Indian pow-wow" in back of the Antebellum plantation. There wasn't much picture worthy happening. Perhaps they were all sleeping.

Mile 3 ish

Mile 4 just past the golf clubhouse. This is the back of Stone Mountain.

Mile 5 trying to distract myself by taking pictures of my feet while hoofing it up a hill. It worked.

More mile 5ish

Shortly after those last pics I came up on a guy who was walking in the same direction I was running. The back stretch I was on is the road less traveled so you see very few people back there (I know - danger Will Robinson!) so because of that, as I was approaching this guy from about 50 feet behind I notice something shiny and red in the back pocket. I thought maybe it was a wrench. How odd for a walker to carry a wrench. I immediately try to develop a plan in case he hits me with the wrench and drags me into the woods. The best thing my tired mind could come up with was to take his picture so if they found my camera later he could be indentified. Clearly, I don't do my best thinking one hour into a run. At any rate, as I got closer it turned out it was a coke bottle in his back bottle. A plastic one. Crisis averted, I will not be on CSI Stone Mountain.

Shortly after I passed the coke cola walker, it was up another hill or two.

Quick drink of water at mile 7ish

My chariot awaits at mile 11 :)

We had our season ending tennis party for ALTA this afternoon so once I got home from the run it was a quick shower, quick eat, quick glance in the supermodel mirror and on my way. (I could sell this mirror for a million dollars. I got it from Tar-jay some time ago and the reflection makes you look tall and thin - like a supermodel. So if you are ever feeling not so cute you just need to look in the mirror and you instantly become America's Next Top Model.)

One of my teammates put on the party and did an excellent job with the food, margaritas and decorations.

Goody bags for all...

and of course, my gifts for being captain - like race day goody bags but better :)

So, all in all, a very eventful day. Tomorrow, not so much although I am looking forward to Tuesday as that means another day off :)


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Nice, Karen! And you made me laugh with the "guy and his dangerous coke bottle could be a wrench" story. I would have been thinking the same thing! Anway, great pics, thank you for posting. It is gorgeous there. Also, good job! :-)

Marcy said...

I am the same way when I see suspicious peeps. Always thinking about ways to claw out their eye balls or make sure police can identify me if I end up in the woods. So sad LOL.