Friday, November 14, 2008

what is in your drawers...

One of my friends from work was fired a couple of weeks ago. The man is always trying to keep her down! No, seriously, a loooong story but we both kind of saw it coming. In our office when someone is fired, let go, terminated, given the boot, however you like to say it, they are generally called into a meeting held via conference call with HR. While they are in this meeting, their items are frantically packed by some poor manager into one of those boxes that the packs of paper come in. So everyone around the office has this unnatural fear of managers walking around with empty paper boxes (even if they are headed to the trash). It would be funny if it weren't sad. Like I said before, I might as well work on the set of The Office.

Leading up to the firing, my friend had been cleaning out her office and even went so far as to create a last will and testament so that all her belongings that she wanted would get put in the paper box and not the trash. Today as I am sitting in my office, I got to thinking - what would someone think if they had to clean out the life I have accumulated there over the past 13 years... you tell me...

First off, this is my food stash. Can anyone say eating disorder? Seriously, you would think I had at one point lived in Ethiopia and wasn't sure if I was going to get another meal. Peanut butter, oatmeal, clif bars, assorted candy... Granted, the gi-normous candy bag is for keeping my candy dish stocked (I read an article that this gets you better raises - I find that this only makes you popular with certain people and doesn't necessarily help the raises but it does not keep me from buying my boss his favorite candy each year around review time). Anyhoo... there is enough food in here to keep me alive or in a diabetic coma for days.

The over-organized and extensive collection of writing pads and stikcy notes. This really shows my OCD side, don't you agree?

On the other side, my assorted toys. I am not sure why I have these but, seriously, who doesn't have a need for a fake wireless microphone?? It has come in handy more times than you might believe. It makes it so much easier to write someone up if you pretend you are on a talk show. Ok, maybe not in that scenario but I have used the microphone plenty... My flying monkey that has rubber bands for arms so you can shoot it across the room while it squeals. Perfect.

Yeah, I might be embarrassed to have someone rifling through my things :)

So back to my running. I really didn't run much at all today. A pitiful 1.85 miles. Almost not even worth getting out of the car for in my estimation. Whatever. I did it. I am thinking about signing back up for boot camp. I am keeping up with my running OK but am not feeling motivated AT ALL. This must change! Sunday is my Zooma women's half-marathon for which I am quite excited. My last (and only other) half was somewhere in the 2:05 range. I think I might be slower this time around with the stress fracture factored in and all so am hoping for somewhere in the 2:15 neighborhood.

I am a little concerned that there might not be all that many runners at this thing. Note my race number... 164. Wow.

Maybe I was just an early entry. Either way, as long as I get the "cute, custom designed necklace" as promised at the finish and luna chews along the race course what do I care? Seriously, that is the main reason I signed up - for the necklace. It called me like a gift with purchase does at the makeup counter. I don't need or even use a single thing in the gift bag but whatever it is, I can't resist it. Clever, those marketing people...

Tomorrow, tennis. I am hoping the rain will stop in time. Nothing is more painful than trying to re-schedule a match for 16 people. Ciao!

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merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Your desk is so organized. I'd fear for the safety of anyone who had to clean mine out...seriously. And I want your food drawer!
Good for running, Karen. Any run is a good thing. I'm about to get my sorry butt to the gym and I'm going to have to pull nose hairs to do it. But even if I just work upper body, it's better than nothing! I'll wish for now rain on your tennis match tomorrow.