Saturday, December 27, 2008

one last long run before Disney

According to most official plans, the last long run should have been last week with the 20 miler. Since I felt like I had been playing catch up after the stress fracture, I wanted to try and get one more long run in before I taper the next 2 weeks. Really, after the half marathons in November, I think I have only run three distances longer than a half leading up to today. (maybe two, not sure...). Anyhow, I set out for 20 miles today at Stone Mountain. I know a lot of people like to build in some variety to their training but I have really enjoyed running every week at the mountain. I have built in water stops at the car every 5 miles (and more if I wanted to stop at the water fountains along the way), restrooms, people to see along the loop, and lots of hilly goodness. Agreed, the hilly goodness might not always be a good thing but the reality is I am a stronger runner for it.

Today, I set off for the four loops around the mountain. I felt pretty good during the first two loops. I saw my buddies from Tri Your Best on their weekly ride. As I roll up to my 10 mile water stop my left hip (IT Band maybe?) starts to feel odd. Tightening or possibly tearing apart in an attempt to stop the running madness, just a theory. Either way, not exactly sure of the issue. I kept going for loop three. The wheels fell off around mile 13. I tried to stretch it out and kept going. Type A, overachieving Karen was trying to convince my more logical side that "we" could keep going to 20 in run/walk fashion. Around mile 14.5, I settled into just walking back to the car. There was no running to be done and I told Type A Karen she would just have to get over it. :)

I am a little disappointed that I didn't get 20 done today BUT most people training for Disney are in taper mode this week anyhow so today was just extra to appease my overachieving side AND I did have a great run last week and felt that if it were flat (as Disney will be), I could have kept going. Based on all of that analysis I feel like I am ready for Disney. I am just going to take it easy and have fun and try not to become so focused on getting a fast time that I don't enjoy all the festivities going on around me.

Fourteen days to Disney - I can't wait!

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Kevin said...

Better to cut it short then to push through and injure yourself. You should be well prepared for disney after training at stone mountain